My Experience of Working in Haryana

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My Experience of Working in Haryana 

Back Story 

There was a long period between 2013 to 2015  when I was not working but yet was looking for job. Nothing exciting happened, and then one fine day my senior told me that national health mission is looking for the slimier profile and if I will be interested (Thank you Sushil Bhaiya I am forever grateful). I was like, what are you even saying, I am jobless and would love to. When I got the call for interview I had fever , I thought I am gonna loose it but yet I made it to the interview and finally got it. This wait was worth it and I learned that it's better to wait for the right work & opportunity than getting into something that you don't like. I know we all have this pressure to find job but that is only put on us by society. Don't work because someone else want you to work, take your time. Find job put all your efforts but don't say yes to anything until you feel it is good for you.

National Health Mission Haryana-Leadership Haryana - 2015 

Okay , Now let's talk about my experience. Well,I said yes to a only 6 months pilot roll out because the project sounded excited. It was very unique experience working in state Haryana on a health Project Named Leadership Haryana. It was a mother and child health program. When I started working in Haryana I had different things in mind. When I first traveled to a near by Health center and village I was little worried that how  am I going to reach and will it be safe and so many other things were running in my mind but, when I reached I was welcomed with whole heartily by the Panch and Sarpanch of the village. Nayagaon village I can never ever forget the name.  People of Haryana gave me so much love that I will be always grateful to them.

What Was the Project All About ?

It was a mother and child health project with National Health Mission Haryana a USAID funded program named Leadership Haryana that really encouraged women to adopt healthy food habits.
 I had been to many schools, interacted with many girls and did so many community and school events.
I had to look after Panchkula District and during this project I made many good friends in the village of Haryana especially the women who shared their stories many women worked as a volunteer to motivate village women to eat healthy through the manual Kalyani Media, Mumbai prepared and I got the opportunity to translate with my Project Manager Genevie .

I must say ASHA health workers of our country are really working hard not only in Haryana but all across the nation. They deserve a better remuneration. Here is a photo with ASHA -workers named Purnima & Kiran working day and night to improve the health of Haryana.

What Did I learn ?

Working in Haryana not only changed my perspective towards Haryana but also built my self confidence. I have many friends in Haryana who taught me many things. Once the project got over I was back home I started taking photography seriously and participated in a photography exhibition at Gaiety theater Shimla. I did not stop there I applied job through all across the country and finally found one in Bangalore worked there almost for 2 years. This job made me a bolder person than I was before. I never thought a 6 month project will teach me such wonderful lessons. I am and will always be grateful. People of Haryana gave me so much love that can't be defined in words.
I will always cherish those beautiful memories working in Hayana.
After working in Haryana I can only say TAKE ME ANYWHERE.
Do share your experiences about people and places that made you a better person and changed your perceptive towards people and life in general.

Much Love

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