Travel Diary of a Mountain Girl- Why I love Travelling ?

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Why I love Travelling?

Travel is like meditation for me , I feel live and vibrant when I travel. I always wanted to travel and I am living my dream. Travel made me a stronger person. I want to explore my country, meet people, talk to them, hear their stories and share the stories which are unheard. 
Somewhere in Shillong in 2012 (During adult literacy project)

 I just want to share my experiences with you all because I personally feel if you have something good and interesting to share you should.  I have learned so many things during traveling and collected some good memories for lifetime , I want to tell you guys that its safe to travel in India , just follow your instinct. 

When It All Started !!

I was 20 when I first traveled solo from Ambala to Ahemdabad for a Community radio Project training. During my journey in the train I happen to meet a nice and talkative family from Ambala and a shy school guy from Palampur, Himachal. We talked and did crazy stuff like getting out of the train when it stopped at Ratlaam where Jab We Met Movie was shot etc. By the end of this trip and training I realized this is what I want to do for rest of my life. I was loving it.
My First Job (Community Radio Project) where I visited a place called Kafota as part of radio project

Profession That Allowed Me To Travel !!

I did journalism and because of that I started traveling during and after my journalism degree. During my college days I traveled lot , I remember my first 20 days trip to South. In this trip I could visit  Delhi, Pune, Putaparthi, Bangalore, Mysure & Belgaon (rural part of Karnataka District). I enjoyed the sight of people talking in South Indian language and then communicating with us in English. We stayed in a hostel at Belagoan and I learned so many things from the girls there who were studying masters in social work . Back then I was  wondering how a girl who was born and brought up in village speaks fluently in English. This was the take home thing for me that you need to be all rounder if you want to do something in life.

When I first visited Kolkata I was amazed because  I got  to stay in Shantiniketan and I visited the place   where Rabindernath Tagore used to write and trust me I got goosebumps. I tried to pick up few Bengali words which I still remember. I am still friends with people I met during my visit to Kolkata.This is why I love to travel, it gives me an opportunity to meet new people and learn new things.

Travel Is A Great Teacher !!

After my graduation I started taking up projects and got the opportunities to travel more and interact with people. More importantly I was quite open to say yes to all the jobs which required me to travel and meet people. In most of the jobs I got to do field visits and interaction in a rural parts of Himachal and Haryana. After traveling in public buses in Haryana my fear was gone. Had I not been involved in these projects I would have never become the fearless person that I am today.
Travel taught me that everyone is special in their own ways , places and people both teaches us a lot. I never want to miss out a chance to travel be it 10 km or thousand miles.  

I Love Train Journeys The Most  

I just love train journeys (1 to 2 days) because you get to mingle with people and the reason is that you travel with people for 24 hours or sometimes more. Most of the time I met some old people during my train journeys and they accepted that they feel lonely among young generation as they hardly interact with each other. But for me there was lot to learn. Another thing about train journeys is that you get to read your favorite books and sometimes you get some best references from fellow travelers.
Do you have any story to share ? leave in the comments.

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