Uttrakhand – A Beautiful & Mystic State

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 Uttrakhand- A Beautiful & Mystic State 

Life of people in mountains is really very difficult but yet they are at peace isn’t it? Being born in mountains I know the challenges people face here every day and I am also aware of the advantages of being born or staying in mountains. After working in different states I keep going back to the hills and I guess this is the reason I explored all the hill stations in south India but what about north India and its hill stations? Well,   I am in love with mountains, and this is the only reason I keep exploring whenever possible.  I was planning to visit Uttrakhand since long and recently I got to know about Vanya Rural Home Stays through face book that is in Uttrakhand and then I decided to visit Uttrakhand. I travelled all the way from Himachal to Naongaon (Uttrakhand) and explored the places around. This time it was all about trek because I wanted to see how different Uttrakhand is from Himachal and the only way was to trek and see how people live in my neighboring state. I was so excited.
Love at first Sight!!
View- Yamuna River & Naongaon Valley
When I reached Naogaon sun already sat down all I could see was beautiful Yamuna (river) and next day early morning I had to trek to another beautiful place. When I got up and came out from my room the view in front of me was so amazing that I couldn’t take my eyes off. River Yamuna make this place look magical, when sun rays were touching river water it was spreading golden light all around the valley.   After having breakfast I couldn’t stop myself jumping into Yamuna for a while I sat down there near the river and did my favorite thing which is to put feet into the chilled water. In the month of June when the summer is on its peak & I was enjoying natural and chilled water. It was just like  therapy. 
After talking to some local people I got to know that this area(soil where farmers are growing  variety of crops)  is very productive, people are largely involved in farming.Local people told me that comparatively to other parts of Uttrakhand migration is less very less in this beautiful valley and the reason is productive and rich  soil .  Most of the people have started small businesses on their own like Juice making etc,
though the numbers are very less but still people are earning from their fields. This valley looks like mini Kashmir in its own ways.
3 Hour's Trek  !!
 I started the trek around 11 and reached Binsi village at 2 pm.  3 hours trek from Naogaon to Binsi village was very interesting especially because of the beautiful views around and the sounds of birds in the jungle. 
Not for even a second I felt boredom, on the way I could see people working in their fields, there were apple orchards and some other fruit trees. 
Local people told that there are many plants which has medicinal values and they are found during this trek only. 
After reaching on the top I could see snow covered Mountains from the apple orchard and it was getting colder while reaching on the top which was more than 7000 ft from the sea level. 
In Binsi village one Nepali family (who looks after the apple orchid) hosted lunch and their daughter Anjali brought fresh plums from the tree which was delicious.

 After spending enough time at Binsi village I had to go down to Naogaon and the best thing was dinner with a local family they hosted me and I loved the food and hospitality. My trip ended on a good note having dinner with local people and talking about many good things about the valley and of course the migration problem.
All I can say is that there is not much difference between Uttrakhand and Himachal; the lives of people in both states are somewhat similar.  Migration is comparatively less in Himachal. The rocks (especially where roads being made) are not solid in Uttrakhand  if we compare it with Himachal and the result we see during monsoon, landslides happens more frequently in Uttrakhand. 

Govt support and right publicity is needed!!
When I was coming back I was thinking about that beautiful valley and the hardworking people I met during my travel. I never heard much about the beauty, rich and productive land in Uttrakhand anywhere. I had seen so many people talking about migration problem in Uttrakhand but most of them are sitting somewhere in Delhi giving their views but nothing happening on the ground.  We really need to present these beautiful places rightly; there are so many positive stories that can inspire so many people out there who always hear big people talking about migration and solutions and they are already settled down in big cities.
The need of the hour is to give enough grants to farmers, there should be good transport facilities so the crop doesn’t get spoiled and a farmer gets his due. If education, transpiration and health facilities are good no one is ever going to migrate from such beautiful places which we call heaven. 

Travel Whenever Possible !!
On my way back home I took a quick trip to Rishikesh from Dehradoon.

 Like any other trip this one was also a learning experience, travelling to this beautiful and mystic state was one of the best experiences so far.  People should not form their opinion about places without visiting them some places are really mystic they give you surprise at every step and that’s what happened to me this time. 

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