Places To Visit In Kanyakumari

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Places To Visit In Kanyakumari  

Kanyakumari -Breathtaking Beauty

When I was in school I had seen Kanyakumari on the map of India . For me it was too far to visit at that time, but I was always curious about this place after seeing blue color all around (sea) . I used to think will I ever visit this place?  When I visited  Kanyakumari I did'nt know that it's going to be  breathtaking at first sight. I planned my trip to Kanyakumari in the month of April (2016), because the weather is pleasant during that time.  I took night bus from Bangalore to Kanyakumari.

In the morning when I opened my eyes I was already in Kanyakumari, Kashmir se Kanyakumari song was playing back in my mind at 9 am in the morning.
On the way I witnessed some beautiful sights which you get to see only when you physically visit the place. No books can ever mention these rare sights which make the place look so mesmerizing. 

Travelling is like meditation and learning at the same time. This trip was more about learning. 

Where To Stay 

You don't need to worry about your stay because there are many hotels available on affordable price. All you need to do is book online. I used hotel coupon  from this is my go to website for shopping and hotel bookings. 

Kanyakumari & Me

When I reached Kanyakumari I couldn’t stop myself to just have a glimpse of the sea shore. So I finally got a glimpse of the sea from window. 
I am a mountain girl and I love beaches.  I was so excited about my Kanyakumari trip and this time I really wanted to have real fun. We always travel like a tourist and miss out many  important things about the place. I couldn’t make it to Vivekananda rock memorial because it was closed by the time I reach there, but I was not disappointed at all I could see the place from the sea shore. I utilized time well &  explored the market and later I realized that was the best decision I made.

Hardworking Women of Kanyakumari

I explored the town and could see women working in local Dhabas, which is a rare sight in India. I felt so good and motivated by just seeing these two women. I saw women selling flowers, working in field, selling Bengals and working in Dhabas. I still remember a smiley face vividly servicing me Dosa & juice in a Dhaba.  I couldn’t stop myself asking her name. Mariyam (I still smile when I recall her face) was so kind and hardworking she couldn’t understand Hindi or English but our smile and hug was another way of expressing our feelings. 
The place gives you very positive vibes.  I could feel why Swamy Vivekananda came here years back to this magical place . There is so much peace around this place& You don't want to come back. The sight of sunset is  beautiful , you can red color all around the sea and waves looks stunning. 

Places To Explore

Vivekananda memorial is located 100 meters from the shore and the major tourist attraction. 2 km from the city centre.  
Kanyakumari Beach   is 2km from city centre and when you get the first glimpse it takes your breath way.
Thiruvalluvar Statue - The massive 133 feet tall statute is of the saint poet Thiruvallur , he was considered to be one of the greatest Tamil poets in India. It is 2 km from the city c entre. 
Sunset Point is around 3 km from the city centre and a must place to visit. The sight of sunset is mesmerizing
Shopping –What You Can Buy
In the local market near the beach you will get so many things made out of shells from earrings to home decor. Don’t forget to explore the local market.

What I Did In Kanyakumari

I explored the town by walking in the local market, around beach and from city centre to sunset point. I saw local people in the market, some selling shells, some selling bangles and some selling fresh flowers. 

I was doing nothing , all I wanted to do is smell and taste the city  and that's what I did.  I wanted to shout out loud that yes I am here walking in the streets of Kanyakumari , where Swamy Vivekananda might have walked. So many times we miss those smiles, laughs and magical rare sights which leaves you speechless because we travel like a tourists. Sometime just passing a smile is the best thing one can ever do isn’t it? Don't carry the baggage of covering all the places that you see on internet , just taste the place by exploring it. walk in the streets , have Dosa in any random dhaba , go to the sunset like a 3 year old child or as if you are seeing sunset for the very first time.  Spread happiness give smile to a stranger who is selling flower down the streets or serving you Dosa. 
I enjoyed playing in the water and then ran towards sunset point like a mad girl,  because I didn’t want to miss that sight. When I reached sunset point it was just stunning, that sight I cannot forget. It looks like sun is setting down in the ocean and spreading its vibrant colour all around. Water never looked so mesmerizing before.  

If you are planning to visit Kanyakumari don't  miss sunset view,  it’s something that can't be described in words, you just have to feel it. 

After sunset I stayed there for more than one hour, I dipped my feet into the water, sang some random Hindi songs and enjoyed every bit of it. 

It was such a solace and I could feel the waves my heart.  The feeling of reaching to the end of Indian globe was undefinable. 

How I fall asleep that night I really don’t know, all I know is I had the best time in Kanyakumari. Next day I planned to go to Kochi (Kerala) the memories of this place will remain with me for lifetime.

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