Sibling Trip To Coimbatore , Coonoor & Ooty

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Sibling Trip To Coimbatore , Coonoor & Ooty 

I never thought even in my weirdest dream that travelling with siblings can be fun. We always prefer going out with friends rather than siblings. My sister was coming to India after a year. She was flying down from Bangkok to Bangalore (where I was working) just to see me. So I had to plan a trip because she was going to stay with me for almost 10 days.  

How We planned The Trip

One of my colleagues from Tamil Nadu guided me well, which helped me in planing the trip. We booked our hotel and bus through redBus. Both of us were excited about the trip, not because we both had the best company in the world, but because we were going to see new places (we sibling are like that right?).

1. Coimbatore - We All Have A Fashionista Sibling

Coimbatore was our first stop, we reached early morning and fortunately our hotel was quite near from the bus stand. We had breakfast (it was complimentary, so didn’t want to miss out) and asked reception guy way to the local market.

We walked around streets of Coimbatore,  and the sight was amazing. Google map helped us a lot in this entire trip(thanks to technology). My sister wanted to shop for her friend (Anarkali Suit). She is bit picky when it comes to shopping, so had to put up with that. Finally she liked & bought a beautiful Anarkali (thank God, I said to myself).

When You Fall Sick During Your Trip

We explored the town first we went to the local market, then Mall (Brookfields Mall) where we had pizza. Lastly we went to Perur Pateeswar temple almost 10 km away from the town.

During our visit to temple I started feeling bit low & started sneezing.We decided to come back to the hotel.  I had cold and fever. As soon as we reached back to the hotel my sister called up room service and asked to get  tea (almost 2-3 times) and bottle of hot water (lucky me, finally I had someone to pamper me). In the morning I was feeling better.
We took a local bus to Coonoor & I already started dreaming about Coonoor.

2. Coonoor – Small & Serene Hill Station  

Coonoor looks so serene at the very first sight. Cool breeze welcomes you with a gentle touch on your face.The weather was very pleasant. Taxi prices for covering places like tea garden, Sims park etc. were so high , so we chose to walk and hopped on a bus while we were coming back. We decided to go by walking and did the same.We explored the market ( bought 2-3 boxes of chocolates) and went to tea garden (3-4 km).
On the way we went to Sims Park. The garden is spread over 12 hectares with more than 1000 plant species.  

Fighting Over booking a Cab To Ooty – You end up agreeing with each other

We were suppose to take bus from Coonoor but couldn’t find one. Then we wanted to go via train, for train we had to wait for 3-4 hours. We didn’t want to waste time.  My sister suggested to take a cab , but I wanted to go by bus. We kind of had cold war & I got angry (that is quite obvious isn't it ?).  The bus stand was bit far, so finally we took the cab. It was the best decision we made (actually she made).

We also stopped to have masala tea (made out of fresh tea leaves). Later I realized if we would have come in the bus we would have missed beautiful views and of course masala tea.

3. Ooty – A Hill Station With Gardens and Lake

Ooty is quite similar to Coonoor ,  and weather remains the same.  In Ooty we explored all the gardens and we walked all around the town.

First we explored main market and then botanical garden, government museum from there we went to Government Rose Garden and at last sat by the lake side (Ooty Lake).

We had food at local dhabas (we wanted to taste South Indian cuisine), the food served  in traditional way.

I was happy that we could spend quality time with each other. 

I was feeling sad as she was going home. I personally feel sibling makes the best travel partners.

Why You Should Travel With Your Siblings 

First and foremost you can share your room (not sharing will be a problem). You can always disturb her/him and seek attention (as I am an attention seeker but only among friends and family). You can discuss your budget freely. You can say no to the places you don’t want to visit or can also spend a lot of time sitting by sea shore, in the park or may be at the top of the mountain.

You can use her/his  phone and WiFi without even asking(because you already phone password). You can discuss you crushes and career at the same time.

Annoying Things Siblings Won’t Stop Doing

Sometimes my sister wanted to walk less and sometimes she wanted to explore everything by walking (weird right?). She will never want to have tea or coffee when you want to have. We never have same order, but we always end up ordering the same thing (keeping our budget in mind).This trip was one of the best trip ever & of course all the tantrums are acceptable .

Sibling trip will be full of fights, arguments  & tantrums but yet full of love and care.

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