Things To Do In Kochi

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Things To Do In Kochi

I want to unfold my own myths and the best way to do that is travelling. I have heard a lot about Kerala since childhood and just like other places I wanted to explore Kerala as well.   I just had 2 days to travel all the way from Kanyakumari (in bus), explore Kochi and get back to work (Bangalore). Kochi is also known as Cochin and it’s part of Ernakulam district of Kerala.
I started from Kanyakumari Early Morning so I could reach Kochi on time. Some of my friends were saying that weather will be hot in Kerala so don't go. For me this was the best opportunity and I grabbed it.

When In Rome Do As The Roman Do

At the time we crossed Kerala boarder it started raining. Melodious south Indian songs that were being played in the bus did right justice to cool and romantic weather. Even though,   I didn’t understand a single word but I enjoyed those songs in that romantic weather. As they say “ When in Rome do as the Romans do”, so I did the same.

Lulu Mall In Kochi

When I reached Kochi it was already dark outside (7:30 pm). I asked hotel people about the food joint or local market. Manager suggested me to go to Lullu mall where I can eat and do some shopping as well.  I took their advice and went to Lullu mall, which was almost 5-7 km from the place where I was. I was tired and hungry at the same time, so I decided to have dinner first. I couldn't explore the mall much. After travelling for 7-8 hours I was too tired so I returned back to hotel. Before going to bed I put alarm for the next morning as I had to get up early. 

Old Kochi Is Worth Visiting

I just had few hours in hand before I board in the bus to Bangalore (of course back to work). It was really hard to decide where I should go, so I decided to take local people's help.  I was told to visit old Kochi so I did the same. I was fascinated by the fact that I have to travel from new Kochi to old Kochi in a boat (in just Rs.7-10). I bought the ticket and had to wait for a while, I decided to buy some snacks becauseI didn’t have anything in the morning for breakfast (as it was too early 7:30 am).

Strangers Who Became Friends

When I got `down from the boat I asked one woman way to church. She asked me to follow her.She was also going to the church with her 2 daughters.  Ms. Beena came all the way from Wayanad because she wanted her daughters to see new places every year. We became friends in few minutes and girls mingled with me so well. We started cracking jokes and took some beautiful photographs together.

Old Kochi or Mattancherry is a traditional town. There is much charm in this old and wonderful town. Every place is so beautiful, be it church, museum or sea shore.  I just enjoyed walking around old Kochi. Time was just flying, and I wanted to see more. 

Ms. Beena is handling everything on her own, her husband works in Abroad. She told me that her elder daughter is doing really well in studies and she also participates in different activities in the school. We were so comfortable with each other , and shared some of the best moments. 

Worry Of A Parent (especially Indian parent)

We sat down near the sea shore to have some snacks. Ms. Beena was looking bit curious and confused at the same time. She had questions in her mind so she started with the obvious question, how I stay alone in Bangalore.She also asked me how I travel alone. 
I knew from where it’s coming, being a mother of two girls she would have hundreds of questions in her mind. Her worries were very obvious. She wanted her daughters to fly high but at the same time she was worried. She noticed that one aged uncle staring at me (because I was wearing shorts, and some people feel its their right to stare at girls or women). She told me about the starting part when we were coming back in the boat, I thought now I have the  opportunity to talk to her and ask her not to worry. I wanted to tell her that she should feel proud to have wonderful daughters. I wanted to tell her(to all the mothers in India in fact) to let her  daughters lead their lives the way they want. Above all trust them and tell them not to afraid of failure.
We had lunch and exchanged numbers, and I promised them that I will share the photographs that we had clicked together. 
I asked Ms. Beena not to worry so much about her daughters. Before biding goodbye we hugged each other and I told girls and Ms. Beena about my journey of  travelling alone and working in a unknown cities, because I didn’t want Ms. Beena to get scared without letting her daughters live their dreams.
At some point in life we all have heard a lot that the world is so cruel and bad, but it’s not true.  I really didn’t want to believe it so I explored my country and I found it beautiful and kind. Of course, I was scared when I took first bus, train and flight all alone, but then I met some wonderful people who were just like me. We all have some doubts, perceptions and myths in our mind isn’t it?  I wanted to unfold my own myths and I did the same by travelling and meeting people from different states. We all are same, we all are scared. All we need to do is unfold our myths and lead a life with no doubts and regrets.

Best Thing To Do In Kochi

The best thing to do in Kochi would be exploring the old Kochi (Mattancherry). On the way you can visit Church & Museum  before going to sea shore. 

If you walk down  the streets you might end up meeting some wonderful people. You will get to see the new and old Kochi both. If you want to shop something for home decor old Kochi is the best option. If you ever plan to visit Kerala , add Kochi in your list of must visit place in Kerala.

Journey Back Home (or back to work)

I bid goodbye to Ms. Beena and her daughters and took auto to the hotel from where I had to collect my bag and rush to the bus stop. In few hours I explored the city & found new friends. I had come to Kochi with no expectation and it really amazed me. Kochi is a traditional town and a must visit place if you plan a trip to Kerala. I was so refreshed when I came back to Bangalore because I had tons of memories with me. Traveling is more about learning,  pushing the boundaries and breaking the stereotypes. 

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