Trip To Munnar

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Trip To Munnar 

Why You Should Travel With Your Best Friend
Travelling is always fun and it doesn’t have to be solo all the time. I love to explore new places and I make sure every 3 months I visit a new place. I don’t remember I ever planned a trip in monsoon season, but last year (July 2016) I had to. 
My best friend (who is a teacher) had her summer vacation in the month of July. I insisted her to visit Bangalore at least once (before I move to another city) and she agreed. She booked her tickets, and flew down from Himachal to Bangalore. I took 2-3 days off and planned a trip to Munnar.
Munnar was the first choice as I had already visited other places and she wanted to explore any of the hill station (of south) and of course how can one miss tea garden. We booked our tickets through redBus. Due to rains we knew it’s not going to be an easy trip but we enjoyed every bit of it. I personally feel if I would have planned a solo trip to Munnar in the same month it would have gone other way around for sure.

Roller Coaster Ride

Finally this trip (with my best friend) began and trust me it was full of fun moments (this reminds me to plan another trip soon).  When our bus crossed Tamil Nadu the terrains were different & tougher. We were moving towards higher altitude. It was roller coaster ride for my friend; I am a mountain girl, so I am quite used to of such roller coaster rides. 
The only photo I am allowed to upload of  her (My Bestie)

My friend lives in the plains of Himachal (hard to believe but its true). Only some districts of Himachal are hilly other are on the boarders of Punjab, Haryana and Dehradun.
Whenever the bus went on a roller coaster ride my friend had a different face which made me laugh so much, later I was teasing her saying you can’t be a Himachali. When we reached Munnar it was raining and it didn’t stop. But the rain couldn’t stop us; we walked around the town and explored the splendid hill station.

What We Did In Munnar
Munnar is a  small town & splendid hill station of Kerala. Munnar is well connected by national highways, state highways and rural roads. Me and my friend both of us are fond of food, and we love to try new cuisine (that's what we did in Munnar). 

We enjoyed south Indian food to the core. We had a lot of coffee and Tea (which was so delicious, because of local production). It was raining heavily , we took our umbrellas out and walked upward to rose and tea garden. 

We tasted local cuisines and ate chocolates . We hired one auto for Tea museum and Rajamalai Eravikulam National park. Vinod (Autowala) was very interesting person, he guided us well about the near by places. He proudly told us that he has his own tea estate. We thought all these tea estate are owned by local people , but Vinod told us most of them  are owned by the government. Vinod dropped us right infront of a chocolate shop and our goodbye couldn't have been  any better. Before leaving Vinod asked us to visit Munnar next time for more days. "Ek -Do Din Me Nahi hota madam , Firse Ghum ke Jana one week ke lie" says Vinod (one or two days are not enough if you want to see Munnar , you should come again for a week). We nodded our head and ask him to visit Himachal.

Things To Do In Munnar
If you are foodie like me you can enjoy delicious food (south Indian), chocolates and of course tea and coffee. If you want to buy something I would suggest you to explore the local market get chocolates, some packets of tea leaf and coffee powder. If you are visiting Munnar for a day or two, don’t miss to visit Tea museum, tea garden, rose garden, Rajamalai Eravikulam National park (all these places are nearby). Don’t miss to interact with local people, I don’t feel like I have explored the place well unless I walk around the town and talk to local people. 
If you have enough time (3-4 days), you can visit some of the famous places you find on internet. For most of the places you have to hire auto or taxi. 
Planning a solo trip is always a good idea , but a trip with your partner in crime has it's own charm. 
View of Munnar Town From Tea Garden

People Of Munnar - Smile Is The Universal Language 

I have already talked about Vinod & how talkative (and helpful) that guy was. It is such a fun talking to local people and even passing a smile makes you feel good in an unknown place. While we were exploring the town, on the way we could talk to local people. When smiles are being shared your trip is complete (that's my way of traveling). We couldn't understand each other's language but then there is universal language that is SMILE :)  

I could hold  Mala Aunty's hand and  talk to her through smile and signs(as she did't understand Hindi or English). Mala Aunty works on the roads of Munnar to make it more beautiful, so that  people like me can remember this amazing hill station for lifetime. I feel so good that I could meet her and see her making Munnar look beautiful (even in the rain she works). It's such an inspiration. I could also ride cycle on the roads of Munnar , and that sums up a quick monsoon trip to Munnar ( Thanks to those kids who trusted me and gave me their cycle). We visit places but end up remembering people and the kindness they showed isn't it? After all places are famous because of people. Exploring this part of my country unfolded my own myths. 

You can read my travelogue in Hindi which I wrote for Foucs Bharat newspaper last year, click here. 

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