Why You Should Not Quit Your Job To Travel

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Why You Should Not Quit Your Job To Travel

Don't Quit Your Job To Travel

If you are a travel freak like me and want to explore your country and the world then quitting your job could be the worst idea. These days I see a lot of wallpapers which says “Quit Your Job & Travel “It might be suitable for those who have enough savings but not for everyone.  It’s always better not to depend on anyone financially, so all you need to do is get a job.  You can work and still travel, just like the way I did it. I would love to share few tips that might help you. I wanted to travel South India so I started applying jobs in south.  Bangalore turned out to be the best option. I sent numerous emails wherever possible and finally I got job of my choice.  It’s not that easy as it sounds but not impossible for sure. I went step by step; first I listed out some of the best organizations and then framed emails accordingly.

Steps That Might Help You To Get Decent Job

1.Get Skilled - Getting Job Is Easy  
I heard lot of people saying it’s very difficult to get a job, but trust me it’s not if you are applying for the right job. All you need to do is stay updated and make your resume sound rich. Make sure you highlight your work and explain it well in the resume as well as in the query mail you send to the company. Sometime you need to add the details or I would say mould or reframe the resume according the requirements of the company by adding right information using correct words. There are so many job search websites you can subscribe to like – Nokri.com, TimesJobs,Shine.com etc. Don’t apply jobs right after getting mails from these websites just remember to go step by step. There are thousands of Companies who need skilled employees. Whenever you get time try to improve your skills, keep learning. If you have skills no one can ever stop you from getting a decent job.

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2. Research About The Company

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First thing you should always do before sending query mail or directly applying is Research. These days most of the companies have social media presence (face book, twitter etc) so you get know the company better. By doing research you will understand your job better and it becomes easier for you to apply for the right job.
3. Save Money & Leaves To Explore 
Once you get job start saving. When you have enough money and leaves for your travel you can plan a trip.  I joined Unnati (Bangalore) in January, 2016 and came home in October because I had to come by air, so I saved money as well as leaves in all these month and explored south India every month. I used to take 3-4 days off before weekends and plan quick trips to neighboring states. It saved time, energy and money. If I had come home 2-3 times I would have not saved leaves and money at all. You will miss home for sure but if you are a travel freak and want to know your country and meet your country people then you need to sacrifice a bit. Noting comes easy. In 1 and half year I explored 4 states (Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka)  without any loss of pay  and of course with balanced finance. 
Today I feel so good or I should say proud that I took the right decision. The journey was not easy but I enjoyed. I have tons of sweet memories of each place that I traveled & I am going to cherish these memories for lifetime.  Walking in the unknown streets, towns or cities, meeting people, talking to strangers really did a magic to me, in short travelling taught me a lot. After travelling almost 20 states I can say I know my country .
Stranger  Became Friend ( in Coorg)


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