Coorg – A Traditional Town

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Coorg – A Traditional Town

When I initially went to Bangalore, I used to ask my colleagues about the places I should visit on weekends. My colleagues used to suggest Coorg and Nandi Hills every time , but first I wanted to visit neighboring states and I did the same. After covering all the neighboring states(South India), I started exploring Karnataka. My first choice was Coorg without a doubt.  I had to shoot cultural events in the office for 23 days without a single day off .  I enjoyed working back to back for 23 days , yet I just needed some “ME TIME” to rejuvenate. One fine afternoon I booked hotel tickets to Coorg as it was just 5-6 hour’s journey from Bangalore. If you are working in Bangalore, Coorg can be best weekend getaway place for you.

How to reach Coorg

The best part about traveling from Bangalore to Coorg is you don’t need to hire a vehicle. The bus connectivity is really good from Bangalore. You can easily get a Govt transport bus from Bangalore bus  stand (Majestic). The best timing to catch a bus from Bangalore is 8 o’clock in the morning. I took 8 am bus from the local bus stand and reached Kushal Nagar around 2 pm. I must tell you all that Coorg is well connected by road , you don't need to hire a car if you want to explore all the places around Coorg. 
Hard Working People
I had read this line long back that  people from hills/mountains are very hard working. From bus I saw people selling flowers, fruits and every little things from which they can make money. Coorg is known for Coffee plantation, paddy fields and pepper forestry and different varieties of wine. People come here from across India and abroad to taste the locally produced wine.
Monastery- A Must Visit Place
After having lunch I had enough time to explore around. So, I decided to spend some time in the Monastery. 
Hotel manager gave an idea about the amount Auto wala’s will charge from a local for monastery and I paid the same. The place is very different, very lively. I spent almost 2 hours inside the monastery. The best part was I could witness prayer performing. I can’t express the feeling of witnessing prayer. It was so heavenly when I heard monks enchanting Matras.

You Will Meet Some Amazing People
After spending good amount of time in the monastery when I came out, I saw one couple who was sitting near to the entrance. They look so familiar and adorable. I couldn’t resist and I went up to them by passing a smile. The couple looked full of life, and welcomed me with a big smile on their faces. Pema uncle and Kemla aunty (they introduced themselves). We had one thing in common and that was Himachal. Pema uncle told me that they are Tibatian refugees and living here from since childhood. They were so happy to tell me that they were working under  public works department in Himachal. Now they have moved to Delhi. "Himachal will always be special" says Pema uncle. They told me that every year they come here to stay for 2 months. We shared good laugh, hugged each other. Biding goodbye was really hard , but that's how it is. I reminded myself the famous quote by Paulo Coelho - "If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello". 
Coorg A Traditional Town

When I got the first glimpse of Coorg town it looked so similar to Himachal, which is traditional. The houses are made in a traditional way, just like some of the districts of Himachal like Shimla, Sirmour and Mandi. I noticed that most of the people in the town are elders (35-60 year's of age), youngsters are gone out for studies and jobs just like any other place. I did’t see much of opportunities for youngsters but what I did see was hardworking people. 
After exploring Coorg/Madikeri I came to know about yet another must visit place Abbey Falls. 

Dubare –The Place  You Would Always Love To Visit Dobara (Again)
One of the reason of coming to Coorg was Kaveri River. I had read about rivers of India in books, now I just wanted to explore,  so I decided to go to a place called Dobare. I took a local bus (I did get seat and it was jam packed), but I enjoyed 5-6 km journey. When I got down from the bus I realised that I won’t get any vechile from that place to go inside if I haven’t hired one from Kushal Nagar . In the hot sun I started walking towards Dobare which was 1 km walk from the bus stop. On the way I witnessed mesmerizing beauty of mother nature. 
How One Can Miss The Mesmerizing Sight of Kaveri River
Words can't express the beauty of Kaveri River, stalls of sweet corn, boats,  and Dhabas serving delicious food makes the place look even more attractive.
I felt like sitting by river side for hours , and I did the same. While crossing Kaveri river to get to another side  I was completely lost in the beauty and charm of river crossing. 
I could see elephants taking bath in the hot sun , as if they were getting ready for the show. When the boat reached other side everybody was mad clicking photos with the elephants. One thing I didn't like was chains in their feet. I could see children were jumping seeing elephants for the first time,as they had seen them in the books or on TV.  
The Offbeat Place Opposite The Elephant Show
Everyone was busy showing their kids how elephants eat and of course taking selfies with them. After seeing chains in their feet it didn't charm me anymore and I went to the opposite side of "The Elephant Show". I saw the normal life , women doing their daily chores, washing clothes by river side, boys were fishing , and a man was holding her 3 month old daughter as her mother was washing clothes. 
Life is pretty much same in all parts of the country. 
I chatted with them for a while , they were nodding and smiling , because that was the only language we all could speak through. Coorg trip will always be special, as I could meet some amazing  people and made memories for lifetime. Food in Coorg was delicious and very reasonable. This trip was all about chilling out , eating delicious food and go and explore places in local transport.  
2 things I learnt after travelling to Coorg that sometimes we need to go with the flow,  and second it's always better to push the boundaries and see offbeat places to make sweetest memories for lifetime.

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