Vocational Training In India

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Vocational Training In India 

Last month (10th October) I got invited to Govt. Sen. Sec. School Ludhiana /Andheri , Sirmour , Himachal Pradesh for a guest lecture on photography. I believe in sharing knowledge and that's how it worked for me :) (Long story in short).  Guest lecture sounds so typical isn't it ?  (Big words right ?😂). And Finally I showed up. 

I was excited and nervous at the same time. Before I could start the presentation I told myself See I am here not to give lectures but to share what I know. From then on wards it was magical. I enjoyed interacting with students. 😘😍 So basically the journey of freelancing going on well 🤗. Teaching(read sharing what I know) photography to these students coming from different villages of this area is like dream come true. 

Need Of The Hour -Vocational/Skill Training 

As someone said correctly , progress of the country depends upon the progress of the society and the progress of the society depends upon the progress of  man which depends upon the education he obtains, so the progress of the country depends upon the progress of a man.  I personally feel we need skill training badly in our country. I clearly remember a headline in the newspaper few months back saying 60% of the engineers are not skilled to get into jobs. This is unfortunate, this is the high time to make education system more practical. There are thousands of professionals who are unemployed even after getting into renowned colleges. The only thing we are lacking is skill training and this should start from the beginning. School is the right platform for imparting vocational training. The best part is these subjects are optional and there is more of practical than theory. When I came to know about vocational subjects like media and tourism being taught in schools , I was the most happiest person on this earth.  About 10 years ago we didn't have such opportunities in schools, we had only some govt institute like IIMC or mostly private colleges offering degree or diploma in journalism. It's really good to know that subject like media is a part of vocational training in schools now (7 schools of Himachal as of now) two are in Distt Sirmour. I feel (and want)  government should start such courses in every school , especially in rural India. 

Small Contribution In Skilling India (Rural India) 

Throughout the presentation I remembered Mr. Ashraf Ali from Jamia Milia (Delhi) who taught us photography long back. Back then I didn't know I will pass it on what I am learning. I guess I was able to satisfy these wonderful students, as I had this happy happy face post presentation and interaction  I gave it all what I knew, I Shared what I knew, did practical for technical part and got the students involved by asking them plenty of questions and making them laugh😃 Oh Yes, I try to keep that funny child alive all the time , it really helps me a lot.
Well, my day was made. Sharing what I know and experienced in all these years with govt school students is surely like a dream come true. In rural India vocational training is really important and starting it in schools is the best decision ever made in this direction. Countryside children can't afford to go to big cities for these courses and they end up giving upon their dreams. It's my dream to see Skilled youth In India especially in rural India. I really feel blessed to get such opportunities at every stage in my life. Now I Look forward to interact with more students and share what I know. 

P.S - Padega India Tabhi Toh Badega India :) 

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