Why Review is Important ?

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So, 2017 has come to an end.  This year was full of roller coaster ride for me, and I loved it. It will be unfair if I welcome 2018 without thanking and bidding a proper goodbye to this year.
Dear 2017, You were amazing.  I could learn so many things this year, so thank you for giving all the opportunities and teaching all the lessons. I could read less but, could write a bit more and could shoot which I wanted to do for years. I guess this year was the best year of my life as I took some of the most important decisions of my life. I feel blessed as I was happy and healthy in this year.

Things I Did In 2017 (I Am Grateful) 

Before making new year’s resolution, I would love to review & thank 2017. This is really making me feel so good because when I am penning down the things I did this year. My list is long comparatively to other years, and this feeling of doing better than last year is just awesome. I am sharing my list of  things I did in 2017 and would love to know see your list of the things you did in 2017,  in the comment box below.
1.   Quit My Job- The first and the biggest thing I did in 2017 (May) was I quite my job and returned home (heavenly Himachal). Initially it was about the trip that I had planned with my sister to Thailand but that didn’t happen. Later, I made up my mind to work for myself and spend some time writing travelogues about the places I visited when I was in Bangalore. Now, when I look back I really feel so proud that I made this decision because I could spend some extra time with my family and Blog happened only because I had time to write.
2.   Explored South India – The only thing which was pending in my bucket list for 2017 was to explore south India and I could do that after finding job in Bangalore. I am glad I shifted to Bangalore in 2016.

3.   Started Writing Blog/Travelogues – This was pending for so long, I had blog, but I didn’t get enough time to write but this year from May onward I could religiously work on blog.

4.   First Freelance Project – Yaay :D , it’s like a dream come true, still can’t believe it. I never thought I will get freelance projects so soon, but finally I did it and I have almost completed the project. And I have already got yet another freelance project. 
5.   Explored remotest part of Himachal – In this year I could explore some of the remotest villages of Himachal only because of the freelance project. I feel whatever happened after quitting job was for the right reasons. 
6.  Interviewed About 50 People-  I became more grounded after interacting with people in different villages and slums. We all are same, we all are looking for love in life and that's what I learned during interviews. Most of the women I interviewed later became my friends. In short I lived life during these interviews.

7.   Participated in Online Contests /Competitions  I became confident after working as a freelancer and started participating in online competitions. Without giving it a second thought I participated in Rally for Rivers Video making contest. After even being busy in my freelance project I created a video to participate in faces to hearts competition by EuropeAid and it was one of the most enriching experience. I enjoyed the process of making video and sharing it with people.
8.   First Guest Lecture (On Photography) – Lecture sounds like those huge word which you never paid attention to or feel they are not meant for you :D  so finally I was invited for a guest lecture in a govt school in Himachal. I shared what I know about photography with school children through a PPT and practical. The best part I got paid for it, and I didn't know this when I said yes ;) . 
9.   I learnt Video Editing software – The most difficult part was to learn editing software (video). Not only I learnt editing but also edited videos as being professional for my first freelance project. So I can say  it's a baby step towards film making. 
10. Started YouTube Channel -  I started working on blog and YouTube channel.  I always wanted to create  good content and I guess this year was the best productive year. This year I could at least start doing what I wanted to do for so long. 

This year was amazing in real sense , It has taught me to work harder and stay true to my roots no matter what.  I hope 2018 is holding some exciting projects for me. I am really grateful to this year, I hope new year comes with more such wonderful opportunities. I wish to learn more and grow everyday. I wish new year brings a lot of good stuff for you all. May we all stay happy and healthy. So here bidding goodbye to 2017  by being grateful for each day of this year, and now I am  ready to welcome 2018 with open arms.  It is very important to Review your year to see how far you have come, what you have learned and what else is there to learn. 
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year Folks :) !! 

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