First Freelance Project With PAPN

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First Freelance Project 

I always wanted to have my own space where I can work the way I want to. Finally, this happened in 2017 when I decided to quit my job. Initially, I started working on my blog, and later I had a dream project. I wanted to make a documentary on Kinkari Devi's life (it's in the process). When I was doing research for the documentary I came to know about an NGO that backed Kinkari Devi as she filed a public interest lawsuit in the High Court of Shimla against 48 illegal mines in the local area. 

About PAPN

People's Action For People in Need is a nonprofitable organization which is working in Sirmour District (Himachal Pradesh) since 1985. When I did an interview for my dream project with the founder of NGO  Mr. Kuldip Verma and he asked if I could make some videos for them. I was so impressed with their work that I couldn't say no.

Best Thing About This Project 

On 1st October 2017 I started shooting videos and documentaries for PAPN. I had to trek for 2-3 hours to get interviews & I enjoyed doing it. I got to travel to some of the remotest areas of my own district. One of the best things about this project was getting to interview some courageous women, who are the real inspiration. The first shoot was in Himachal, so had to travel a lot, some meetings with women groups were possible at night only as they were busy working at day time. Night shoots didn't make any difference in their enthusiasm. I interviewed around 2-3 groups who made an effort and agitated to close down liquor shops in their villages. Authorities had to take strong actions and these shops were closed. All this happened after PAPN formed women groups in the villages to empower and educate women about their rights. I hardly know any organization working with people so closely. I would highly recommend PAPN for those who are looking for internships during holidays in colleges. Even researchers are always welcome. You will learn a lot and trust me with this.

ChildLine & Harayana Slums

PAPN is also handling ChildLine in Sirmour (Nahan) district of Himachal Pradesh. I also got the chance to interview field and office staff. It takes a lot of courage to work on delegated issues like sexual abuse and makes sure that children get justice. These girls in Nahan are giving it all to their job. They are so young yet they know how to counsel children and their families in such cases. They became my motivation. 
In Haryana, it was a different experience altogether. PAPN is working in association with CRY (Child Rights & You) organization on education in the 2 slums of Panchkula district which is again amazing they have enrolled around 80 children in schools. Interviewing staff, children, and their parents was again an enriching experience. Post-shoot editing was the hardest thing but I made sure to enjoy the process and learn as much as I could.

Now, when I look back I feel so proud that I said yes to this project, which ultimately became my first freelance paid project.  Had an amazing experience working with PAPN and its team. I made 5 videos and got paid for it. Today, sitting here in Bangkok writing about my experience of working with such a wonderful organization gave me immense satisfaction. I feel so proud & happy that I could sponsor my international trip with my first project and some savings.
I would love to know from you all what are the things in your life that you are proud of. It could be anything the decisions you have made or the things you have done. Do write below.
Cheers !!

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