Places To Visit In Goa

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Places To Visit In Goa - Mountain Girl & Beaches

Places to see in Goa

I guess Goa is in everyone's bucket list, so it was in mine too. Being from mountains I always wanted to  have that feeling of standing in front of the ocean and enjoy the beauty of mother nature. I have been to Kanyakumari and Kochi already, but Goa was so much in my mind that I had to make it possible. So, finally I managed to buy my tickets to Goa with some savings and of course from my first ever freelance project.

Goa- Let The Fun Begin 

I flew from Chandigarh to Mumbai and took night bus from Mumbai to Goa (crazy isn't ?). The journey was good and I just enjoyed it as I was so excited for the trip. Reached Panaji around 9 am because bus stopped in so many places for tea as driver must be feeling sleepy(no complaints about that). Yaay finally reached Goa, and that feeling can't be described in words. All the sleeper or Volvo buses stops before the bus stand and you have to walk half a kilometer to get to Panaji bus stand. From bus stand  you can easily get auto and car. They won't charge you much and you can reach your hotel without fighting the Auto Wallas here. Well, that was my experience and first impression about Goa.

Places To See In Panaji - North Goa 

I personally feel one should stay in Goa for at least 6-7 days , which means you can explore south and north Goa. There is a lot to  explore in Goa, it's a different world all together. Panaji is less crowded, which is strange as it's the capital of the state. I am mentioning here the places I have been to and I highly recommend based on my own experiences.To travel to these places you just need to take a local bus , no need to hire a cab. If you have hired bike from the hotel for 2-3 days then it should be fine. 

1. Basilica of Bom Jesus & Archaeological Museum Of Goa.

(old Goa) - If you are an art lover you must visit this place , you will get to see Portuguese art as it used be Portuguese capital earlier.

2. Dona Pola Beach 

Singham movie was shot here and because of that this place is one of the tourist attractions.  View from the top is just so mesmerizing. Sunset lovers please take a note, reach before people occupy the places from you can get shot of the day. On the way back  you can see Miramar beach and market as well. I ate the delicious Paav Bhaji in Miramar road side market. 
3. Dolphin Point - You hardly get to see the dophins as they are scared of humans , but the ride to dolphin point is just amazing. During this ride you get to see fort, jail and what not.

4. Fort Aguada

Dil Chahta Hai movie was shot here and if you have less time and more places to visit,  you easily get a view from dolphin point.

5. Calangute, Candolim and Seaquarium beaches 

 After coming back from Dolphin point I walked these 3 beaches on foot, which I covered in around 2 hours.

Local Transport Facilities Available In Goa 

For a person like me who travel a lot and believes in budget traveling, it's important to know where all you can save money. If people ever told you that Goa is so expensive especially travel etc it's not true. Traveling in and around Goa is very cheap , all you need to do is travel through local buses. Ask  local people or else anyone at Panaji  bus stand they wll guide. Buses are connected all around Goa. I along with my friends traveled from North Goa to South Goa in just Rs. 80 and had to change two buses but it wasn't hard for me. The first bus was Panaji to Madgaon and from Madgaon had to take another bus to Palolem. 

Places To See In South Goa - Must Visit Palolem Beach 

I can suggest you 10 places which you can explore,  but I will share my own experience and you decide if you want to go for it or not. For South Goa, I asked a local young lady if she could suggest me some quite and peaceful beaches to stay and her immediate answer was "then you should go to Palolem beach ". I followed her blindly. later  it turned out to be the best travel advise I have ever got. I spend 3 days in Palolem and did nothing. The place is just so quite & adorable. It's like a small island, once you go there you would not want to come back. The best part is you will get to stay in cottages here, and that feeling is amazing. If you plan to go to Palolem don't book cottages online, you can just go there and bargain. Me and my friends did the same.

 Morning and evenings can be spend on the beach and afternoon in the water. Nobody is bothered about others here, so much solace. Highly recommended for freelancers. Especially to those who are into writing. And make sure you have enough cash to pay for your 2-3 day's food and stay(as there are no ATMs in Palolem),  you have to go to Chaudi which is around 4 km away from Palolem.

Kayaking Experience 


I tried Kayaking for the very first time in Goa and loved it. Although my Kayak  boat went upside down but I enjoyed the ride anyway. My instructor Mr. Naresh Ji was really so kind as he was keeping an eye on me all this while. I interviewed him later which I am going to add in my Goa Vlog on YoutTube very soon.

Where To Eat In Goa? 

The most important thing , when you are in and around Panaji make sure to eat at Kamanth canteen. They have variety of food and price is quite reasonable, I could save a lot of money because of this canteen. It's in Panaji bus stand and quite famous in the area. In Palolem there are small stalls near to the beach who serves delicious food, tea and coffee.

When Trip Comes To An End :( 

 I really didn't want to come back from Goa , but my trip to Thailand was already planned. I didn't want to miss my trip to Thailand which was pending for so long and I returned back to Mumbai by Tejas train. 
 One of the cutest thing I did in Goa was writing down my blog's name on the sand at the sea shore.It was like a dream come true.

Over the years I have learned that if you earn less and want to explore more , all you need to do is spend and plan wisely. Do send me your feedback about my blog post, would love to interact with you all. 
Stay happy & healthy 
Cheers !!
Watch my Goa Vlog trailer here ! 

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