How To Apply For Visa To Thailand

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How To Apply For Visa To Thailand

how to apply for visa to Thailand

I won't say that sitting back in Himachal I never thought of travelling abroad. Because , this was the constant thing happening in my life since I was a kid. I have this weird habit of making up stories about places I have never visited and people I have never met. I always found meeting new people and going to new places so fascinating. I still am so curious to meet new people and explore the places I never been to. I am working from past 6-7 years now,  and frankly I didn't earn much. But one thing that I did right was I spent wisely , most of my money was spent on books and travel. I earn , save , travel and then go back to reading and finding yet another way of earning more. I Sponsor my own trips and I buy my own birthday presents.
All of us dream of being a tourist or a traveler in a foreign land isn't it? We want to have that experience what we find fascinating in movies and books  someone else having it right ? So, here am I in Bangkok (Thailand), did it on my own with my family's support and faith. I think we all want to do it and keep postponing , sometime we don't have money or we are so afraid about the process we have to go through to get it done especially when you are holding an Indian passport.
Through this post I am going to share important information about Visa application process and  my own experience. I will try and make it easier for all of you. So next time you apply you don' have to struggle like me, you can get all the information at one place. Here we go -

The First Step 

The first thing I did before applying for the visa or collecting documents  was I explored VFS Thailand - Delhi  website click here . Everything is written clearly according to visa type, for detailed information about each document I am sharing this post . I applied for tourist visa,  so I will be explain about Tourist Visa process. After going through every single detail on the website I started collecting the documents. First thing I did was got my passport size photographs clicked and there is specific size mentioned on website (so need to check website if specifications have been changed). They will need 2 photographs which need to be pasted on filled Visa application form before submitting it. Visa application form is available on their website so I would recommend you to download it from there and get printed. Also, you need to take a print of check list and fill it along with other documents.  Below, I am sharing the list of the documents you need to have before you apply for the visa and other important information related to Visa application process.

1. Passport - 

You need to submit your passport which should be valid  for 6 months from the time you apply for visa.

2. Photocopy Of 2 Blank Pages Of The Passport  

Along with passport you have to submit  photocopy of 2 blank pages of your passport. 

3.Visa Application Form (Filled) 

 You need to be very careful when you fill Visa Application form because it will have your passport details, flight details , address of reference in India (you can put your friend's address) and for Thailand reference you should put hotel address.

4. Check List Form (Filled)

Just make sure you download the check list along with visa form and fill all the details. It will only have the YES/No question format about the documents you have already prepared for visa application. This is the easiest one to fill in.

5. 6 Month's Bank Statement (signed by the bank)

You also have to make sure your bank statement it not more then 3 days old. So , try to take print out 1 or 2 days before you apply for visa. You should have $700 ( around 45,000) in your account.

6. Hotel Bookings (of entire trip) -

Make sure you book for all the days of your stay. They don't accept for 5 or 10 days booking receipt. You can contact the hotel if you can make half payment and have booking for the entire trip. It's completely fine if your hotel booking receipt says amount half paid .

7. Air Tickets (both side) 

Your tickets for both sides should be confirmed, as you have to mention the date of arrival and departure in visa application form.

Submitting The Visa Application Form 

Once your documents are ready make sure you check once again, it's better to fill all the forms and then go and submit. Always keep all the originals with you or in your phone/email.
The best thing that has happened for Himachalis and neighboring states of Chandigarh that now is we have Thailand Visa Application Centre in Chandigarh and I applied from there only.  The best part is office is easier to find in Chandigarh , it's in Elante mall you just have to enter from gate no 4. Thank God !! I did't have to travel all the way from Himachal to Delhi. So, before applying for visa make sure you find out about the nearest Visa Application centers and apply from there. Also, try to make a call on VFS's  number to cross check if you have everything whatever  is required.
It's always better to apply before a month and make all the bookings, just to avoid last last minute rush. From Visa application Center like Chandigarh, it will take 5-7 days to get the visa done if you have submitted the right documents . When you submit your application form you will be given reference ID through which you can check your application status. You can only check whether it has reached but it's not disclosed whether you got the visa or not. You can only find it out once you go and collect your passport.

Finally , Thailand Is Off My Bucket List , Yaay

When I went and collect my passport I was feeling like asking that boy in the office if I got the visa or not. Everyone around me was so sophisticated that I had to kill another 2 minutes and when I came out I felt like dancing because I could see the stamp on my passport saying "Kingdom Of Thailand". I sent the photograph of my visa stamp to my sister sitting in Bangkok waiting to hear from me and planing where all she will take me once I am there. The moment she saw that I got the visa she just got so emotional and so did I ,  outside of a Visa application office.  Well, that's us or mad US.
But trust me,  this feeling of doing it on my own was amazing and then traveling all alone from Mumbai To Thailand was another dream come true.
So guys,  if you liked this post do comment below. I would love to hear from you all.
Stay happy & healthy
Cheers !!

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