Safari World Bangkok

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Safari World Bangkok

Safari World Bangkok

It is indeed a great feeling when you sponsor your own trips, especially when it's your first international trip. These days I am in Bangkok and I am just loving it here. I really don't know what it is, but one thing I know is this feeling I want to take home. There is so much freedom in the air that I could feel and even see around. Well that's going to be another blog but today I am going to take you to Safari World in Bangkok. So let's get started :)
Safari world Bangkok

Safari World Bangkok Tickets 

If you come to Bangkok you must go to Safari World , it's highly recommended. You can book tickets online or else you can get it through travel agents. I would suggest you to ask your hotel staff if they provide tickets because it's quite cheaper when you book through agents (at least for Safari World tickets I know this for sure). Avoid buying tickets at the counter as it's going to cost you a lot around 1500 bhat without lunch and 2000 bhat with lunch. If you book online it will cost 1000 bhat.  Even my ticket was booked through agent and some amount was saved. From city it's far and you have to go for a cab or Tuk Tuk (Auto). 

Safari World Shows 

Safari World Shows Timing

Try to reach before 10 :00 am so you don't miss out any show and get your tickets cross checked. There are different shows from morning around 10 :00 am to Evening 5:00 pm. There are shows that you will enjoy no matter what.

I was jumping like a kid after watching all these shows , especially Dolphin show & bird show .
Safari World Bangkok

I was wondering how these animals and birds make us laugh so hard. For me it was rolling on the floor day. I became a kid all over again. The world has became a serious place where everyone has to make sense but here it was just amazing. I loved the way everyone left seriousness  outside and became kids or more human so to say.  

Safari Ride 

Safari ride was quite a ride and I loved it. So , they take you in a bus tour like any other Safari  but the best part you would get to see birds and animals here  that you would not see otherwise. It was so good and satisfying to see that all of them were in good condition which shows  management is taking good care of all the animals and birds in Safari World. I wish my nephew was with me he would have jumped and shouted with joy like I did. It was worth it. 
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Bangkok travel guide

This Trip was pending for so long, and It started off well I guess. I just loved all the shows (animal & birds) in Safari World. One thing I didn't like that people irritate these  animals and bird and they think it's cool or funny. Some try to put their selfie stick around them or inside the net and other will simply hold some birds even if they want to fly.  We should be grateful that we get to see these beautiful animals and birds so closely.If you ever visit this place make sure you won't torture them for a selfie , they don't get it. I enjoyed being around animals and birds and it was a Sunday well spent. If Thailand is in your bucket list do make sure you visit world safari Bangkok. Apart from shows there is a lot to see once you enter the Safari world . You will be attracted by the beauty and innocence of animals and birds.

So, this sums up my entire trip, hope you enjoyed reading it. I would love to hear from you all, do share your feedbacks in the comment section below.
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