First Solo International Trip

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First Solo International Trip

Yesss... Finally I could save money for my "First Solo International Trip". I always used to dream about traveling abroad. There is hardly a month when I am not traveling, in a year I usually travel to 3-4 new places. I find traveling fascinating, and try to save money so that I can travel more.
Travel is my passion , meeting new people, talking to strangers , trying different cuisine and  learning new language makes me feel alive. For this trip I have done everything on my own be it saving money, applying for Visa or getting all my tickets booked. It gave me a lot of confidence.
On 22nd January, 2018, there I was with my 2 bags at Mumbai airport entering 10 pm (oh yes mid night flight). Checked in luggage on time, crossed immigration when I had 3 hours to kill. This feeling after completing this whole process from entering at the check in counters to finally making it to boarding gives you a lot of confidence.
Before you fly to another land you know that you did a good job and now you are up for more such adventures in  life.

How Does It Feel To Travel Abroad For The First Time 

First Solo International Trip

I won't lie , it is kind of mixed feelings. You are excited but nervous at the same time. Although, you have your visa still you think of hundreds of questions officials would ask at the immigration in another country.  I had the same feelings, I was so excited that finally this is happening and then nervousness kicks in. 4 hours journey was full of nervousness and excitement. I would love to thank Air India for serving drinks, snacks and yummy dinner. How 4 hours went by I didn't even realize.
When I landed I just walked straight towards immigration counter following all the arrows because I wanted to make it as soon as possible.  Filled in the form where I had to put passport and accommodation details etc. I just crossed immigration in 5 minutes as officer didn't ask me anything. I was feeling like jumping and then I realized I did't take my luggage yet.
I collected the luggage and got message from my Sister that they are coming to pick me up but will reach half an hour late.I was so cool with it, just waited there for a while , did my favorite thing ;) people watching. Slowly I started moving out. I saw one lady she was distributing some pamphlets with a big smile on here face. I asked her where exactly is exit and she said we have meeting points in our country,  so if someone is going to come and pick you up don't go anywhere just stand at meeting point 1 or 2. I had enough time so I was just walking around and enjoying the feeling of being in a different country. After 10-15 minutes I saw my sister eagerly looking for me and finally I went up to her and then you better know what happens.

Hello Thailand - The Land Of Smiles 

We took a cab back and on the way I just enjoyed the view around or I can say tried to taste the city.
As a middle class girl everything I do makes me feel so good. We middle class people have stories related to everything be it our first book, first phone, first job , first salary and first solo international trip. We know how much effort and hard work has gone into it before even making it possible isn't ? We have emotions attached to everything that we do and own in life, and I just love it.
This is my first international trip and it will always be special, I will always remember the things and hard work that has gone into this to make this happen. This feeling of being in a new country and to be around new people and speaking different language is amazing. After 2-3 days you will feel like you are home, you get used to of everything. All you want to do is explore more and meet as much people as possible. Sometimes while walking down the streets you would want to stop and enjoy the view around.

First Impression

This  country is truly a land of smiles. When I went out on the same day I noticed one thing here, nobody honks in Bangkok, Thailand. This city is so crowded yet peaceful, is that even possible? I could feel a lot of freedom in the air. For an Indian girl exploring new places without getting stared at is a big thing. I see people here  minding their own business. I wish my girl grow up in a different India, where she is not looked as an object.  There is something about this country that I really feel is so unique. I am still exploring it, meeting people and trying to understand this land even better.  We the people of any country make our country beautiful and Thailand is one such country. A country is  always  reflection of people, I saw women working all around here, be it malls , shops, hospitals and any other profession. I feel so good to see that women don't have to worry about their cloths, nobody passes comments on them and nobody thinks less of them. Girl's birth is being celebrated in this country and then I think about my country. How much time are we going to take to get there, I hope it happens sometime soon.
I will be writing more about Thailand  in upcoming posts. Before ending this post , I would like to tell from my experiences that  we all should take these trips or chances where we can grow as a person.
This was it for today's post , please send across your feedback.
Keep smiling &  keep shining.
Cheer !!

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