Girl And The New City

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Girl  And The New City

Well , Its been so long since I last posted an article and there is a reason behind this . I recently moved to yet another city yes, I am in Kota, Rajasthan.  Midnight train from Chandigarh to Kota was a journey full of nervousness and excitement.  When I got down at Kota railway station it was burning hot, and there I was in Kota , Rajasthan. Padharo Mahare Desh kind of feeling. 
After moving from Bangalore to Kota life has slow down for me. Its a different feeling altogether when you move to a new city. Every city is different , I am yet to explore the city but I kind of developed a friendship with this hot yet amazing city. May be I needed  a place like Kota to sit down and watch my thoughts and actions. This is the smallest city I have lived in so far , there is hardly a traffic jam and nobody is rushing to catch a metro here. 
Kota is bascially a city that has grown and  and became famous because of coaching institues here. Every year students from all over the country come here with a dream of becoming doctors or engineers, and some of them make it happen too.
The life is not so fast here if I may say so but there is a feeling of competition in the air for youngsters . Everyone  here is  to prove themselves be it students or coaching institutes. Kota runs mostly because of the young crowd that comes here for 2 years  to become doctors or engineers.  

I enjoyed standing beside Kishore Sagar lake and yet to explore seven wonders and the shows that happens there.  I am still in that zone of settling down where you want to explore a lot but don’t really get to do so because of office hours or sometimes there are other priorities. The one and only  thing that I explored here is food and I am loving it . Rajasthani cuisine is just so delicious and you should not miss it if you ever visit any part of Rajasthan. Rajasthani Daal Baati Churma (with Garlic Chatani) is the yummiest thing ever , I can’t get over it. It really does not matter where you are eating you will get the delicious Rajasthani food all around. Bajot and Shekhawati are the 2 places I would recommend for Daal Baati Churma for now near Kota . I also find Dairy products so good here be it milk or be it Buttermilk (Chaach).

In my past jobs I explored the states or near by places around even in first month but here it is very different . I am enjoying  food the most, although I am a big time foodie so it is not surprising at all , but I find it such a shift all of a sudden that I am traveling less and just want to hold a book with some snacks and enjoy reading.
I feel every city does something to you silently , it gives its energy or may be a part of it when you start accepting it. The first month went by by in getting  to know people in the office and knowing the city. Second month  I started feeling like this place looks like very much my own.  Hellos started expanding and laughters became lauder.  
Kota is different in many ways for me , this is the first time I am not staying alone .
This is the first time I have a roommate (not just a roommate anymore ) . First time I got to explore the city through someone else's eyes .  I am at peace when I am back from office.  There are healthy conversations and so much more , what else you need in a new city or I should say how lucky one can get ? May be I would write this part in detail someday.  Moving on , It is more about team than about an individual and I feel so comfortable working in a team. I never knew I was a good team player , the only thing I knew was I am a task performer. There are people whom I have already started admiring because of so many reasons that can’t be described in words.  
Finally, I have started taking out some time to read and write , the only thing that make sense to me in any city. Reading and writing is always my go to place. I don’t know whom I am telling whatever  I write but I know in someway or the other it might help someone.

So, here is those things we need to know before moving to a new city–

Well , there are 2 things , one is - it is never going to be easy when you move to a new place  , and second is there will be always other side which I call “Magical”. You will meet people who will make you feel that you belong from the day one. You will forget everything else once you get used to and get hang of the task you are supposed to perform , but you will never forget the person who stepped out first without making a big deal out of it and ask you to feel at home. 
There will always be that fear of unknown but there will be people smiling and accepting you with open arms once you enter, then onwords it is your journey. It is all up to you how you want to take it forward.  If you are open enough to accept the things that comes your way then that will keep coming, if you step back and get into what if then there is no room to grow. Every city is going to teach you something. 

No matter how many jobs you have done before or how many states and places you have visited so far you have to start from the scratch if you want to develop a relationship with the city and people at work.  Kota is peaceful city may be just what I needed , I am yet to explore Rajasthan and I can’t wait to do that. Before I start sharing travelogues again I am trying to read as much as possible. 
P. S  -  Ab Shehar Se Dosti Ho Gai Hai :) 

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