Who Is Beautiful ?

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Who Is Beautiful ?

It is a daily  ritual to reach office and go through the top news stories everyday,  but today it was not a pleasant news to read in the morning.
One of the top news stories that says - ""Mysuru student loses hair after straightening procedure ends life .  I felt lost for a while, what is wrong with my country and my people especially the youth ? I asked myself.  Where are we headed ? I guess nobody knows. We are given such a destructive definition of beauty that is taking lives now. Staying fit and taking care of your body is what we all should be worried about.

Who Is Beautiful ?

Beauty  is a combination of different qualities that one has , it doesn't have to look for someone else's approval ever. We humans are beautiful and by serving humanity we stay beautiful forever. We were told since childhood that doing right things makes you beautiful human being , but today it is all messed up. There are so many influences all around us trying to fool us on the name of beauty. Being confident in life is beautiful. Being bold is beautiful. Being smart in all the work that you do is beautiful. Being a dreamer is beautiful . Being a learner is beautiful and being a good human being is beautiful. Let's define beauty in our own words. Let's not fall into the trap of beauty industry and market. Let's teach our kids to accept their flaws and love themselves no matter what. Accepting oneself and others without judgments makes you beautiful.

Celebrate Your Uniqueness 

These days so many advertisements and people out there to tell you that you should look certain way , but trusts me that never works. Until and unless you starting accepting yourself nothing is going to change. We all are born different, with different color of our skin and , different sizes ans shapes. We are born human and born beautiful. We should never look out for someone else to validate our beauty. The best and one of the most beautiful thing you can do in life is to celebrate your uniqueness. Being different from other people's definition of beautiful doesn't ever make you less beautiful. Let's not give the remote control of our life and happiness to these beauty parlors and beauty products.   Let's change from inside out , let's control our lives and stay happy and confident in our own skin.
Let's be more human and less judgmental.

Let us once and for all redefine the definition of beauty for young generation.  Let us talk to our kids and siblings when they are lost in this trap where market and people around them asking them to do certain things to fit in  a category. Let us all stay beautiful by supporting and helping each other. Let us start appreciating the true definition of beauty. 

Stay Human , Stay Beautiful :) 

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