Why Society Has Failed Us ?

3:29 AM

Writing this in very disturbed state of mind. women are coming out and talking about sexual harassment or sexual assault they had experienced. What is disturbing that they are being slut shammed and asked to keep quite.  This is not surprising at all and I feel so ashamed that how system has failed us, our families,  friends and colleagues have failed us. Form past few days so many women have come out and speaking up, more power to you girls. Everything that is happening now has brought so much hope, so don't tell us now what is harassment what is not. Don't ask why after 10 , 20 or 30 years , shut up because you have no idea what these women have gone  through.

Everything has been normalized since day one in our society and we all(women) know it. If someone touches you badly and it is at your work place the first thing people gonna tell  you to forget and move on. but I am asking you if someone harasses you are you not shaken to the core ? If there are bosses and relatives involved we are again asked to keep quite and forget it , I ask you can you do that and lead a normal life ?

You have no idea how difficult it is to carry this whole life with us and feeling ashamed  when we were not even at fault. System taught us to keep quite , family , friends and relatives taught us to keep quite and the whole thing became normal for everyone since ages.

Someone harassing you is never normal and if it is then society  has failed us. There are  so many brave women out there who have come out and started speaking up against sexual harassment. I know how difficult must have been for them to being in this trauma for so long.  I see a lot of people questioning why after so many years , I think now you know why. At this point of time the best thing you  could do is listen and support. Harasser should get a strong message that they can not get away with it.

Today is the time , let us speak up and those who can not let us give them strength and support. It is not only about women it is about men as well, together we are stronger. Look around ask you sister, friend, girl friend and wife if she had ever gone through this trauma. Help them and support them that's all they need. This is the high time we all stand up and do something about it, don't think if it has not happened to you it is not about you. It is about all of us in this country and society. We need to make this place safer for generations to come. Let us stand by those who have gathered the courage to stand up after so many years.

And to those who are trying to shut women and this movement which finally started in India , get lost for now. Let us decide what we should talk and what not. You have no right to ask us why after so many years why not then blah blah blah. This is our time , you have been deciding a lot for us since ages now relax. Let us say and write our stories, and trust me we are gonna fight till we get there. We don't want our daughters to suffer and see sexual assault or abuse  as normal thing.

When society decides what you should say and what not without knowing the impact it had on someone's mental and physical state , you should know that the society has miserably failed us. Time to fix this once and for all. I see so much hope and strength around  :) Kudos to those who are standing strong , love to you all amazing women out there.

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