Why Bucket List is Important ?

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It has been a while since I last posted here, but that is how life is. You plan and then things happens which are unplanned isn't it? I have been always this person or you can say a freak who loves to make lists, be it my to do list for work, personal list and my finances. I don't remember since when it exactly started, all I remember is seeing my father making list and notes in his diary, be it his tasks, finances or things to buy for home.I grew up watching my father keeping a check on everything he did and spent.Slowly, I started picking up this habit. I owe my father a lot for this. I just love doing it; I don't know any other way to evaluate and get things done . I always want to see the progress I make, things I want to do and learn. At very young age I realized that it is very important to have a plan before you execute it and expect a result. 

Bucket list or any kind of list always made sense to me. From past few years, reviewing a year has become very important thing and it's not only one day that I sit down and review, I love doing it time to time. This not only gives me satisfaction about the things I could do but also a feeling of missing out on many things , and the latter one gives me an opportunity to be curious and make plan for coming year. I don't divide years and measure my growth in other way but to achieve my target I use the trick. 2018 has been very different from 2017 but yet I can't complain because it was me the captain of the ship who made the choices that shaped into the results.

Although, I had my bucket list ready last year for 2018 but yet life comes with its own surprises. There were many things I did which I had not planned at all. Today while penning down the things I did this year, I feel grateful and blessed. One thing I have learned this year is that no matter how much you plan there are going to be some of the best things that will happen leave you with a smile or surprise. Now, I would want you all to also take a pen or open notebook app and write down the things you did this year.
Here is my list and a bit explanation how I feel about each tick off.

Things I could to this year 

Gave guest lecture in a government school back home (Himachal)
Explored Mumbai, Nashik and Goa
Traveled abroad (Thailand) financed my trip
Moved to a new city (Kota) for Job.
Read some of the amazing books –
Stories of Manto, Dhundh Se Uthati Dun, Becoming, Joothan, Why The caged bird sings, My favourite stories of nature, Liberty, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness,Men without Women, How to Be A Bawse, Becoming ,  and Small acts of freedom.
Started writing stories and some other routine diary stuff.

If I have to review this year, I would say it was very different from 2017, and that's how it should be. If there is no newness in life we will get stuck, I never want that for myself. When I was not able to travel more I used to think why I am travelling less this year but,  then I see the list of books I could read and people I could know about. So, no matter how life turns out  to be apart from your list,  just be ready to enjoy the  present moment and make the best out of it.
While doing all the things I did,  I still struggled , got worried, nervous and sometime felt low but at the end made everything work with my head held high. Here, I am planing to make yet another list for yet another year. Because I feel when we write something on paper we are committed to that until it's done. 

Why Bucket List is Important?

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1. It is always good to have your day and year planned in any form, this way you have some targets to achieve.

2. In this day and age when you are lost in world of internet your bucket list is a reminder of the things you want to do and achieve within a limited time frame. I personally feel we work really hard if given deadlines, so why not to have something that can always motivate you to work bit extra hard? 

3. Bucket list gives you an opportunity to look forward to something isn't it ? Although, most of the things happens that are unplanned but we will have a deeper understanding of what are the things we want to do and achieve if we list it out. It gives immense pleasure when you tick off something from your bucket list, it is a feeling of achievement. 

4. Bucket list keeps us motivated and focused especially when everything else seems blur, you can always open that diary and feel good about yourself. So, even if you will achieve 4 things out of 10, it is still worth it. 

A leader always have a plan isn't it? Never stop making bucket list or any list of your dreams for that matter. I am grateful for all the experiences I had this year good, bad or ugly doesn't matter everything contributed to make me a stronger person.

My Word For 2019

My word for 2019 is- Curiosity yes,  curiosity :) This year moving from I know it - to curiosity, let's do this. Looking forward to a year full of surprises and I am curious about it. When we are curious we learn and grow so, why not? When we are curious we are open to try new things. 
I wish you all have a great year ahead, and when I say great that doesn't mean it won't have lows, not at all.  It will have highs and lows but above all we will make a way out and try and stay strong. Let's be curious this year (2019), let's be ready for the surprises New Year holds for us. Let's be that curious kid all over again. Now, I am off to make my to do list/bucket list for 2019, how about you?
Love <3

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