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If you end up reading my blog post then I understand that you would like to know about the Thai Visa on Arrival.  Well I recently visited my Sister in Bangkok, Thailand. And I would like to tell you about my experience about Visa on arrival along with the details of course. 
I visited Thailand first time in 2018 and I had enough time as I was not working at that time, so I decided to go for Tourist Visa. How can you get tourist visa ? well , I have written a blog post on that.  You can read the article on my blog.

This time it was super special occasion and wanted to make it for a month or so. But I am working right now, so I had to settle for 15 days trip to Bangkok, Thailand. 
I think most of us plan to visit Thailand for a week or two, I feel Visa on arrival is the best option , I was reluctant myself earlier but my sister motivated me for that and guess what I got it so easily. You just need to keep the documents ready and if you are working it will be easier for you to get. There are few things I kept in mind to avoid any kind of question at the immigration. 
Firstly, I did research online , read blog post about the process and documents required watched more than 10 videos on YouTube. I didn't stop there, I wanted to make sure I contacted Thai Embassy in India and asked them the process and documents required . Thai Embassy was so kind and quick to respond. I prepared my documents got my currency exchanged and my trip went smooth. I traveled solo and didn't face any problem because I was all prepared. 

Things you need to be aware about - 

  • Visa on arrival can be availed for the purpose of tourism only and for a period not exceeding 15 days.
  • Granting of visa is sole discretion of Immigration department in Thailand.

Requirements for Visa on Arrival to Thailand (for Indians)

1) Completed application form which would be given at the visa on arrival counter
2) Passport with at least 30 days validity
3) Confirmed return ticket which is usable within 15 days
4) Applicant must carry sufficient funding ( at least 10,000 Thai Baht per person or 20,000 Thai Baht per family in cash) and provide proof of accommodation in Thailand
5) The applicant should produce his/her recent photographs of the size 2 ½ inches
Website: or Contact  at 022- 67866003
6)  Visa fee is 2000 Thai Baht, which you are supposed to pay at the Visa on arrival counter in Thailand.

My Trip To Thailand 

I flew in Air India which was a midnight flight from Mumbai to Bangkok. I enjoyed the meal in the flight and this time could sleep as well, which rarely happens. Before getting off from the plane we were given departure card which requires your flight details onward and back , this helps you to fill your Visa on arrival form quickly if you fill it in the flight.

I did the same, After I got off the plane I ran straight to Visa on arrival counter and picked up the form and started filling. Well, I must tell you I am pro at filling up forms, so it took hardly 2 minutes for me to paste my passport size photograph and fill in the trip details which is nothing but passport details along with hotel address and contact details.

I had to stand in the Queue for 10 minutes and waited for the stamp for 5 minutes , I  got my Visa stamp , Yaay !  The best part was Visa fee was still waived off, I asked the officer at the immigration whether I have to pay the fee because no one actually asked me , he was like you want to pay 😁 I said well if it is still waived off who would want to.  After that I straight up went to collect my luggage and then bought a Thailand Sim card and paid 550 baht for 15 days with unlimited data. Made the first call to my sister that I am done with the process and quickly booked a cab and reached where I was supposed to. There was a feeling of relief and joy of making it on my own 😊

P.S - I  also made sure I carry my own pen to avoid waiting for the pen and borrowing it from others once they fill in their form. I also carried glue stick and whitener to avoid any mistake, although I didn't have to use whitener but pen and glue stick helped a lot in saving time. If you are planing a week or two trip which generally we all do end up planing, I would suggest you to go for Visa on arrival. It is very easy and hustle free trust me.  I hope this post will help you to plan your Visa On Arrival trip to Thailand.
Have you been to Thailand ?
Are you planing to visit soon ?
Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below. 
Happy & Safe Travel

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