How To Get Temporary Passport in Thailand

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How To Get Temporary Passport in Thailand |Lost Passport Recovery 

If you lost your passport in Thailand this blog post is just for you. 
Well, losing passport abroad sucks ! If you end up reading my blog post that means , you or your dear ones lost the passport and now worried how you gonna make it back home. First of all , don't worry everything has a solution. Here are the things you need to know so you can fly home with less worries. I have had such experience in Thailand so will be explaining about Thailand.   

 Things you Need To do If you Lose Your Passport In Thailand.  

Don't Panic 

The first thing first, don't panic , I have had this experience already. It's okay if you lost your passport,  Don't panic , I can't guarantee if you will find your passport back but one thing I can assure you for sure and that is you defiantly have an option. You can get a duplicate passport so that you can travel back  home. When I lost my passport I had enough days in hand to travel back, so I got my duplicate passport quite late. Duplicate passport is given on priority basis , sometime people loose their money and miss their flights by the time they file a police complaint and visit Embassy. In that case there are some other provisions for such cases which you will know after contacting the Indian Embassy. 

1. File a Police Complaint ASAP 

The moment you realize you have lost your passport or someone has stolen it , rush to the nearest police station and file a police complaint. Do tell them what all you lost along with the passport , for example money(state the amount) and other important documents. 

2. Find Indian Embassy - Collect all your Documents for Duplicate passport 

Make sure you have copy of your passport and identity proofs with you. Either you can keep soft copy on your email id or you can have hard copy whenever you travel abroad. Be prepared for the worst. Always make sure you keep a copy of each and every document that you need during foreign travel - be it Passport , flight tickets, hotel tickets and departure card. Also you should have passport size photograph as mentioned by the embassy, check the details of background colour and size. 

3. Get Police complaint translated in English  

Before going to Indian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand make sure you have translated version of police complaint. When you submit your documents at Indian Embassy they will also ask you to get police complain translated in English. So, it is better to get it translated before going to the Embassy.It should be done from a authentic place , will need a stamp of the institution on it. 

4. Visit Indian Embassy 

Visit Indian Embassy after getting all your documents printed.  Whatever you have just carry that as part of proof, be it identity or anything related to travel details. You will have to get the tokens and wait for your turn. You will be given a form/s to fill , where you need to state how and where you lost passport and where you were you staying also contact details in Thailand , you can also give your number if you have temporary Thailand Number. If you don't have Thailand temporary number you can give your hotel or manager's number so Embassy can contact you on authentic number.  Also, you will have to attach all your documents as proof. They will ask you when you can collect your duplicate passport. 

5. Pick Up You Duplicate Passport 

Once you are done with all the formalities mentioned above, all you need to do is wait for your turn and collect your duplicate passport through which you can safely travel home. 
Last but not the least, apply for the new passport once you reach home. Don't get upset if you loose your passport , make sure you keep your spirit high. That's what travel teaches you to be prepared for the worst and enjoy the journey. Don't  sit at home and avoid traveling just because you once lost passport. Travel is to live and travel is also to Learn not matter what. Once you learn your lesson make sure you are always attentive & bit more careful when you travel next time.

P.S - I lost my passport last year in Thailand , followed the process which is mentioned above and returned home with a duplicate passport.  The first thing I did after returning from my trip last year was got my passport made. This year I could visit Thailand again. Did you guys have similar experience ? Do share and also let me know if you found this blog post useful.

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