Responsible Travel is Need of The Hour

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It's world Tourism Day today, I see people travel more often nowadays. We are constantly moving and want to explore more isn't it ? . Last few years have been crazy for tourism industry across the world. 

The Growth of Tourism Industry 

The tourism industry has flourished  in the past few year and it has created many jobs and other opportunities in the industry . With the increasing demand the profits are unceasing. People prefer to spend on vacation more than anything. 

Some travel to have new  experiences and some just want to get rid of city life for few days. Hill stations has been the major attraction, especially in India.

What is Responsible Travel ?

Responsible travel (aka responsible tourism) is simply this:Being socially and culturally aware when you travel , understanding your affect on the places you visit and trying to make that affect a positive one.

Why Responsible & Sustainable Travel ?

I am from the mountains and when I go back, It breaks my heart to see how mindlessly people are throwing waste all over the mountains  and spoiling natural beauty. The mountains are my home and heart both. I want people to enjoy its beauty. I wish coming generations can enjoy cherish these snow capped mountains, crystal clear water and blue sky. But it's not going to happen by just wishing we have to make sure we all travel   mindfully. Tourism industry should have the sustainable travel plan in place as their priority which means , from single use of plastic,  waste management and other aspects should be taken care of. Basically opting and promoting Eco- friendly way of living. 

Traveling it to learn they say so, let it be a learning experience. Let's not spoil nature, let's give coming generations the same experiences we are having by keeping everything clean, by not throwing waste and saying no to single use of plastic. let's start with small efforts today 😊 let's be more mindful.  

How To Be a Responsible Traveler ?

There are many things which will help us to become responsible travelers and not to
damaging the environment in any way.
  • Make sure you enjoy and appreciate the place you are staying at.
  • For sustainable travel volunteering with community based organizations will be a great idea. You can explore , learn and contribute at the same time. I have worked on community projects and traveled so frequently. Traveling and exploring places with locals has made me a better person.
  • Reach out to the organizations who are working in Eco tourism or sustainable tourism , you can volunteer with such organizations. (if anyone know about such organization please comment below so people can get benefited from it)
  • Try to reach out to hotels personally asking if you have sustainable program , that can also help you.
  • Respect the people, culture and environment in general of the places you visit.
  •  Make sure your hotel, home-stay or resort is environmentally responsible. 
  • Last but not the least, promote sustainable travel and educate people about it
Hoping and wishing for a better tomorrow it great but All we need is DOING something . Let's show our love by being responsible travelers. And know that, how we treat nature today will decide what kind of tomorrow we are creating for the generations to come. 
P.S - Happy World Tourism Day 😊 
Share your thoughts about travel in the comment section below. 
Happy Travel 🌍

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