How I Fell In Love With Nainital !

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How I Fell In Love With Nainital !

I was very little or I would say tiny when I first heard the name Nainital, it just stuck with me.  Whenever I heard this name I used to imagine a place around the lake, in my imagination that place used to look wonderful.  I was this kid who always found it interesting to talk about people we never met and places we have never seen. It was pre -Google era where I couldn't find picture on the internet , I was only dependent on my imagination so it had to be wonderful. I  was always curious and kind of knew it that someday I will go out and travel all the places I heard and read about.  If I specifically talk about Uttarakhand , Nainital and Almora (Almora ke ghane jungle- Dense forest of Almora) has always been fascinating to me . But, as we all know it is not that easy to just plan and travel. It takes time , money and so many other things to make it happen.

For me travel is taking it all in & to live my childhood dreams and fantasies which has always been about people and places. For this trip to Nainital , I traveled early morning via train from Kota to Delhi and stayed in Ginger hotel near railways station. We chose Ginger because next day again we had to catch yet another train for  Uttarakhand. Me and my partner met in Delhi, we stayed in Delhi for just a day to explore Delhi and  its food. So, we walked all around Connuate Place, ate some delicious food and came back tired as hell. Well , who won't be tired after walking straight for 2 hours ;) 
Next morning before I knew it, I was already on another train to Kathgodam. We were going to Nainital,  yaay !! We took a cab from Haldwani railway station it costs  Rs. 550 affordable and it was worth it, in 2 hours we were in Nainital.  We reached Nainital around 12:30 pm or so , checked into our hotel which had a lake view , WHAT !!!!
We left hotel in search of food, and while walking we realised we were exactly opposite to where we were gonna get food.  Who would want to stay in hotel when there is so much beauty all around.
Being the hipsters that we both are , we continued to walking and the sight was worth seeing on the way , grabbed some Bhutta (corncob) on the way and finally reached the hotel/Dhaba where tasted the yummiest Momos followed by Mashroom Masala :D Traveling is also about tasting each and every cuisine you crave for ;)
After stuffing our tummies with yummy food we continued walking and I did my favorite thing and that is people watching.

I saw some people ticking off the things they have done or are gonna do, getting into boats , going to the temples mentioned on google and places people asked them do go and see. With all due respect,  I  somehow don't ever feel like checking out the top 5 or 10 places . I go where the place takes me and what  it has to offer and show me. No hurry, no list- just taking it all in as I mentioned earlier.
We kept walking and explored local market, Mall road was fun and how can I forget the church which was under construction.
Got to see and click some fresh mountain flowers around the church , although we didn't get in but we stayed there for a while and we were looking at the lake and people walking and clicking pictures. Huge mountains standing still and surrounding lake in the middle is a sight worth watching . While walking on the mall road I Felt like walking in a English country in the Autumn.

In the evening it started getting cold and we again craved for Momos, here we were all packed in our hoodies and jackets, walking all over again to the hotel where we have Momos for lunch. We did manage to have Momos again , by this time Mall road started getting empty, only locals we out with their jackets and woolen caps for a walk after dinner. This trip wouldn't be completed without thanking the lake and this beautiful hill station for being this gracious to us.  Standing in front of Naini lake and those huge mountains , I felt so short. I felt blessed to be there. I felt grateful to my grand mother and my mother because of who's sacrifices I have got this life which I call living on my own terms yet they have a big role to play in this. I thanked so many people who were not present there yet very much in my heart. I wanted to stop and say Thank You to so many people and to this place.
This lake looked even more beautiful after I opened my eyes 🌟
I have traveled to so many hill stations so far, be it north or south India but Nainital has a different vibe to it and now a special place in my heart. It had the Vibe of calmness , you want to feel your breath and hear the sound of your steps. My heart was dancing to its own beats as it knew that childhood dream of visiting a far off place finally came true. This feeling of living my childhood dreams is what makes me feel more grateful for everything that I have.We returned to hotel with so much energy and freshness and before we could order the dinner I couldn't take my eyes off this beautiful quaint and cozy cafe downstairs our hotel .We got in with an excitement , I saw books and amazing way of putting lamps and lights across. Sat down there I saw books donated by people kept perfectly near window to read , I also found one of my favorite writer's books there .Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur, I was completely immersed into reading and taking in the vibe of this beautiful cafe.
We ordered Pizza for dinner and had it there itself, because we felt like staying for a longer time there.
This places seems to be built with so much love as I could see the testimonials written all around,  by people who  came to visit this place. For a second I wanted to start a cafe like this. Simz Cafe it was.
After almost an hour we paid the bill and asked the cafe guy to pack the 2 pieces of pizza so we can have them later in the room if we feel hungry. Next morning we had to leave for Almora , we were so tired walking all day and didn't realize when we fell asleep. Before we could bid final goodbye to Nainital ,we once again walked around the lake and also did some running in between. The fresh air coming through the huge mountains and pristine lake just made me fell in love this beautiful hill station can't believe it took me so long to even get here. Nainital turned out as stunningly beautiful as I imagined it in my head since childhood . Some places just can have so much to offer and take you by its surprise and Nainital is one of those places for sure 💛
Nanital you have my heart <3
Have you been to Nanital?  What did you like the most about this hill station ? leave your comment below.

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