Slow Travel in Almora

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It was hard to say goodbye to Nanital, but we had to as the next place we were visiting was all about living my childhood dream. Our next stop was Almora,  yes Almora has been long due. We didn't want to book a taxi, we wanted to do it like a local. So after the morning walks around Naini lake we walked up-to-the bus station at Nainital asked the lady at the inquiry counter about the local transport services generally local people use to reach Almora. We found out about sharing a taxi, people here go for sharing cabs to travel to a short distance and sometimes the next destination has better or frequent bus services to the places you would want to explore.

When in Rome Do As The Romans Do

So we went back to the hotel packed our luggage and reached the local sharing taxi stand. A taxi was already there and they needed two more people to get going. In just 40 Rupees we reached Bhowali and from there we got a private bus and in the next 2 hours from Bhowali to Almora we were stunned to see the changing landscapes and snow-capped mountains. The bus stopped for tea break where we explored a new pahadi  (mountain) snack - Aloo with Pahadi Raita.

After stuffing our tummies with local snacks we got back on the bus and then the magic of Almora started happening. We entered a different world, it was just amazing. We got a window seat and could see the river flowing so gently, clearer sky and pines trees, and much more.
Sometimes I really feel it is more about enjoying your journey than reaching the destination, have you ever felt so?  The journey from Bhowali to Almora was so meditative. The views on the way we witnessed will stay in my heart forever. I tried to capture some of those breathtaking views through my phone 🌏🌲

And Then We Reached Almora

Before we knew it we were in Almora, It was just like any other hill station of India yet the feeling was new and different. We were supposed to go to Binsar from there. The red and green tin houses are a common sight in any hill station. For a second I felt like I am in Shimla but I was not. From Almora it was another half an hour journey, the moment we got out of Almora it was a different sight. Fewer people on the road, locals doing their daily chores,  and fewer vehicles on the road. A place where we were going to stay for the next few days was already a dream house.

 A place surrounded by pines trees.

We were tired walking all around in the evening so went to bed early. The next morning we woke up at 5.30 am to explore the wildlife. To see sunrays spreading around the snow-capped mountains of  Nanda Devi & Trisul (Trishul) was an amazing experience. 

Every morning we woke up quite early & went for a walk,  could breathe some fresh air & watched the variety of birds fly in the jungle. How often do we do that? We are so caught up in the definition of being happy by other people. This is the real happiness and pure bliss, not the money you make every month. Money is necessary not everything and this slow trip to  Almora made my belief in this even stronger.

Eco-Friendly Property Supporting Sustainable Living.

The place where we were staying was Eco- friendly & supports a sustainable lifestyle. No plastic bottles, rather they had bronze mugs and glasses in the rooms and around the dining area. I wish & hope that the entire hospitality industry adopts this culture to make this planet a better place to live for the generations to come.

Slow Travel 

Binsar did some magic to my body and mind. Not with a magic stick but through a process, for which I signed up. We both made sure this trip is more about exploring places around on foot.

Walked every morning to hear birds sing & to breathe in fresh air evenings were all about sunset.
After Binsar we moved to Almora. We explored the old & new Almora on foot. It hardly took us 1 hour to explore the Almora market, which is also known as old Almora. The old buildings with wooden work were such a treat to the eyes. Felt like time had slowed down for people here.  Everyone was so chill and relaxed, slow life has really become such a luxury these days isn't it?
Almora - A Sleepy Hill Station 
Ate and brought the very famous Chocolate Mithai/ Bal Mithai  (sweets) made with Ghee. There was nothing extraordinary yet felt so rich within. Before heading back(Next Stop Rishikesh) we made a quick trip to Kasar Devi temple where Swami Vivekanand meditated.

After visiting Kasar Devi I could feel why Swami Vivekanand meditated there. Swami Vivekanand has written about his travel around Almora in his diaries. Being a huge admirer of his work and life I didn't want to miss a chance to see where he lived and meditated. The Kasar Devi temple is situated on the top of a hill. The view from the top is breathtaking, there is something unique about this place. It has a different energy and some amazing views,  the walk uphill to the temple is worth taking. 
On this entire trip, we used to come back tired yet filled with joy.  I hardly spoke to anyone on the phone these days. I was disconnected yet very much connected with nature and myself. This slow trip calmed my body & mind. We didn't have any list of the places to go to yet we came back with so many good memories. I think that's how life is. You have no idea what the next moment has for you. The more open you are the more you will enjoy what comes your way. Good bad or ugly which is meant to happen will happen, all we can do is accept it & stay positive ✌️ No-one can ever pull us down except us. And while we are on this journey called life let's enjoy it.
Have you been on such trips which made you calmer and stronger? Leave your comments below. 

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