The Kumaon : Up -Close & Personal With Nature

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In the past few years the tourism industry has grown so rapidly. Everyone wants to travel and explore the places they see their friends and colleagues are clicking selfies at. All this is okay,  but it breaks my heart when I see people mindlessly consuming stuff and throwing waste as if they are the only generation who is going to live on this planet. It is so painful to see plastic bottles and chips packets all around the hills. I have been trying to adopt a sustainable lifestyle by making small changes in my daily life. I know it is not easy but also not impossible. We all can do that, by just being a little careful while we consume something or follow a lifestyle.  We learn a lot by traveling and now most of the people in the world are traveling like never before. I hear people saying they don't have a choice of using anything other than plastic water bottles, straws, etc. But sometimes all it takes is small efforts to carry a water bottle that can be refilled and many other alternatives over an easy way out.  We really need to have an Eco -friendly hospitality industry in our country that supports sustainable living and promotes local culture.

The Kumaon - Supporting Sustainable Living 

Recently, I took a long Diwali break from my 9 to 5 job. We (my partner & I)  wanted to explore the Kumaon region. We also wanted to explore Nainital so we stayed there for a day before moving to Almora. We were planning to stay in and around Almora for a longer period of time. After searching for a while on the internet, we came across this property called The  Kumaon. The moment we left from Almora and started going uphill towards Binsar I could see snow-capped mountains, empty roads, and local people doing their daily chores. We finally reached the place. We got down at the stop which looked like a bus stop but not a single vehicle around. Wow, we had to walk down about 400 meters to finally reach The Kumaon. It was love at first sight, simple yet so stunning.

The place looked very minimalist in its structure,  it was all that we thought it would be and more. The property is in Binsar, about 9 km away from Almora. Being situated in a place full of solace and surrounded by nature makes it even more attractive. Things we liked the most about The Kumaon
that it's a hotel that supports sustainable living and local people (by hiring them as staff).

Kumaoni Cuisine Served in Kumaon Thali

We are a big-time foodie and we love to try different cuisines. At the Kumaon, we were severed "The Kumaon Thali" which includes the local seasonal cuisines. A mix of Daal, Roti to Sabji, rice, green chatni (dip), and sweet in the end. It felt like HOME. The only problem during travel usually almost everyone including us face is - food, either it is too spicy or too oily. It is hard to find the right kind of eat-outs when we travel.  But the Kumaon Thali was just perfect. Served in copper plates.

We had bronze glasses and jug in our room which was very rare to see (because the plastic water bottles are all around nowadays). An electrical cattle and cups for tea or coffee. In the dining area not a single item of plastic, well I would say - Great Job.

 After seeing this I feel we make excuses when we say it is not easy to - say no to Plastic. We not only need to promote such places but also this way of living. We are glad that we visited The Kumaon because now we can share this story with the world and say - hey, the entire hospitality Industry can support sustainable living and they can be eco-friendly.

Things To Do at The Kumaon

First of all, you are going to explore a  very different and peaceful world altogether. 

1. The Magical Mornings

If you are not a morning person then become one at least for the time you stay at The Kumaon because waking up early morning is such a treat to your eyes, body, mind, and soul. The sounds of birds and the view of snow-capped mountains are something you wouldn't want to miss. It is so meditative. 

2. Food for the Soul

The property is spread in a huge area, you can explore so many things around - the pine trees (I would call it a pine tree jungle) and some random spots from where you will get the best views that will feed your soul.

3. A Quaint & Peaceful Library 

My personal favorite in the entire property was this quaint and peaceful corner. Shelves filled with books of culture, travel, and much more. Sun rays break directly into this place and turn it into a completely different place. This corner adds so much beauty to this place, who wouldn't want to sit here and read? 

4. The Sunset Point & More

There are many hidden gems around, the local staff will tell you about all the unexplored places. You should not miss the sunset point. We filled our stainless steel bottle from the bronze jug and enjoyed our small trek up-to-the sunset point. We both sat there for a long time and felt like time had slowed down for us. I could feel the calmness in my body. From the hustle-bustle of the city life, this trip was much awaited and rewarding in the end. This trip was all about slow travel, taking it all in at one place rather than ticking off the places in a list. We witnessed the stunning sunset and for that, we had to walk a bit uphill & it was worth it.
I hope we have more places like The Kumaon that are including local people, promote local culture, and a sustainable lifestyle in an industry that is growing rapidly all over the world. Hope we leave a better world behind us for the generations to come :) 
Have you been to a place that supports local culture and sustainable living? Leave your comment below. 

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