Why I Switched To Bamboo Toothbrush

7:21 AM

Back Story- The Middle-Class Upbringing 

Before I tell you guys why I switched to a bamboo toothbrush, there is a back story. So, I come from a middle-class family and when you are brought up in one such family by the most amazing parents you inherit a few things by birth and some over time. While I was growing up I always saw my mother giving old clothes to people who can reuse them. All these clothes used to be in good condition. Then I saw my elder sister giving her clothes and I automatically started following this ritual. I still follow this religiously, when a new pair of jeans comes home the oldest has to go.  Well, I learned the art of downsizing and consuming mindfully since my childhood. Back then I didn't know the big picture but slowly I started to understand it better. Every small action that we take has its own impact. There are so many things I strongly felt about since my childhood and now is the time to make a difference in every little way that I can.

A Small Step Towards Sustainable Life 

I am not saying I am living a 100 % zero waste life but I  was and still am always mindful about what I consume. I truly believe that every small action counts and that's how I function. Last year I Switched to Menstrual Cup and I feel so happy & proud of it.  I haven't bought a single plastic sanitary pad after switching to the Menstrual cup. I am trying to make small efforts and changes in my everyday life and that's my small step towards a sustainable lifestyle. 

Switched To Bamboo Toothbrush For Various Reasons 

I recently came to know about bamboo toothbrushes and the next thing I knew was replacing my Toothbrush with Bamboo toothbrushes. I  am using a bamboo MINIMO toothbrush and it's easily available on Amazon (not a paid blog post). I didn't throw the plastic one because it will be lying in the open somewhere because it is not biodegradable. I am planning to reuse it to clean some stuff like jars or earrings etc. Tell me if anything else can be done with this. Switched to a bamboo toothbrush for various reasons. Here are some of the reasons why I switched to Bamboo Toothbrush.  
1. Bamboo is biodegradable
2. Brushes are  made from  organic material 
3. They are naturally antimicrobial 
4. Eco friendly 

Now that I am using a bamboo toothbrush I have already started recommending it to other people and this was the reason to write this post just to spread the word. Along with toothbrush, I have started to carry my cloth bag for buying vegetables, fruit & grocery shopping I say No to plastic bags. I still have a long way to go. I have not gone to Zero waste yet but trying every day to learn and grow. There is a long list that I want to do in terms of getting into a zero-waste lifestyle. Everything starts with a single step :) 
What are the small efforts you have been making lately to make this earth a beautiful place to live for the generations to come? Leave your comment below. 

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