Photo Walk in Rishikesh

9:20 AM

How I Celebrated Diwali?

This Diwali I did one of the best things to utilize my Diwali vacation really well. I attended a Photowalk with some fellow Photographers (Photography lovers ) in Rishikesh. I met some amazing human beings there.  I really feel sometimes, we miss out on such small walks, making new friends, and having a normal conversation beyond a routine life.

Met this Amazing lady Luba from Canada who is full of life and says " There is so much to see and explore but don't have much time".  At this age she is very active, she has child-like enthusiasm,  she still  treks and does camping 🌲🌎 She loves to take pictures and finds India Wonderful 🌎 

What Did I learn? 

They have a photography club back in Canada and it was so good to see them all traveling to India and enjoying Indian food. Most of them loved the very famous Indian Snack SAMOSA. Seeing Luba and her friends living their lives to the fullest made me love mine even more. . This was Luba's first visit to India and she keeps traveling to different countries.  Although it was a short trip for her she wanted to make sure she visits India at least once. 

Well, I am sure she is gonna visit India again. In the very little time that we could speak,  I learned from Luba & her friends to be always curious and have enthusiasm no matter what. And last but not least celebrate life because you have got only one.

The Photowalk was exciting only because I met Luba and her friends. I don't know what it is about meeting people from different countries,  but it gives me a lot of pleasure to talk to strangers and tell them about my country. I live for moments like these, those smiling faces, Stories, hugs, and to share whatever I can and ask what others can teach. This is what I find exciting about traveling 🌏 We all are curious and deep down we all are the same.

l feel a sense of responsibility and pride at the same time. Have you ever felt so? Do you remember any incidence or meeting with people that have taught you something in life?

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