Let There Be Light

9:23 AM

Writing here after ages, I missed it, terribly.  The world turned upside down in March 2020 and I would be lying if I say I haven't been affected by it. But life goes on right? I am back again and this time I promise to be consistent. I write here mostly for myself, the things that I think about, and today's blog is nothing different. 

This morning, as I was looking at the luggage that I packed for my Diwali holidays (yes, I still work in a 9-5 job) while scrolling through Facebook, I read this quote. It immediately grabbed my attention and I saved it on my mobile. Yes, the one that grabbed your attention too.  It felt like I went on a journey with this particular quote. As I type this I am sitting in the office and typing my thoughts into words at my desk quickly after lunch (I did edit after getting home though). 

The Journey of coexistence 

This wasn't just a quote, it felt deep, I couldn't stop myself sharing it because it resonatedd with me. It took me back to my childhood when my parents instilled the values in me. I am now exactly who my parents raised me to be. This quote spoke to me on a deeper level and evoked so many emotions that I strongly feel about. I feel, we really need to learn a little more about coexistence (there is enough space for everyone to shine). We need to promote coexistence culture even more (if it already exists). 


My parents always gave me the confidence, that I am enough, which also meant celebrating others. I am sure many people relate to it and if more people find themselves exactly where I find myself when it comes to celebrating others' victory then I guess we are living in a better world. When I searched the literal meaning of coexistence it turned out to be even more beautiful in Hindi- साथ साथ मौजूदगी, which means we can exist together (dream our dreams and achieve them together), there is no need to step over each other, we can happily coexist without getting into each other's way

A message for Diwali 

We say let there be light on Diwali, I would like to add to it: let there be light every single day. Let there be enough love so that there is no place for hate. I truly want everyone to celebrate each other, no matter what. 
We are meant to love each other, celebrate each other not hate each other. Someone getting to the top never means you have to pull them down to reach the top. When someone reaches the top, we need to appreciate their struggle, because we all know it is not easy to get to the top. 
When we celebrate others, it gives such a good feeling, which means we are only meant to love and celebrate each other. Sometimes, it is not even about someone reaching the top, it is about appreciating the efforts everyone is putting in while we go on this journey called life. We all have our own share of struggle, loss, heartbreak, and more, so better to celebrate each other just for that. I am grateful to my parents who taught me to believe in the power of coexistence and celebrating one another by doing it themselves,  and the Pandemic has further humbled and grounded me. 
So, this Diwali let's remind ourselves that we all can shine bright or maybe brighter by celebrating each other. What do you think ? Also, do let me know what are your thoughts on this topic?


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